Where To Find Frosty Firs In Fortnite Chapter 4

Where To Find Frosty Firs In Fortnite Chapter 4
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7th Feb 2023 17:38

If you're looking to complete weekly challenges in Fortnite Chapter 4, then you're likely wondering where Frosty Firs is on the map. There have been several challenges that require players to travel to Frosty Firs, but the location is frustratingly not marked on the map. That makes the Fortnite location notoriously difficult to find if you haven't explored the map to its fullest just yet.

If you're struggling to find Frosty Firs in Fortnite, we have you covered - here's where you need to go.

Fortnite Chapter 4: Where To Find Frosty Firs

Fortnite Frosty FIrs
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Fortnite Map

The reason that Frosty Firs is not marked directly on the Fortnite map is that it is a Landmark, not a town or city. Thankfully, the location is not that difficult to find as it's next to some other fairly large features in the landscape that can help you orientate yourself.

Firstly, look for where Brutal Bastion is located on the map. Then, trace directly northwest until you see a frozen lake with a single snow-capped island in the middle. This is where you'll need to start your search for Frosty Firs.

Once you're here, head east until you find a collection of fir trees on the shore of the frozen lakeside. Once you approach these trees, some text should appear in the bottom left that says "New Landmark! Frosty Firs". You'll also receive 1,000 XP for discovering this new landmark.

Once you arrive at Frosty Firs, you should be able to complete any of the respective challenges that you have there.

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