Fortnite Football Frenzy: All Quests And Rewards

Fortnite Football Frenzy: All Quests And Rewards
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Coleman Hamstead


24th Nov 2022 15:45

In a salute to the FIFA World Cup 2022, Fortnite Football Frenzy has arrived with a special set of football-themed Quests. Show off your Football skills in Fortnite by scoring hat tricks and celebrating on the pitch. Without further ado, let's review all the Fortnite Football Frenzy Quests and rewards.

Fortnite Football Frenzy: Dates And Times

The Fortnite Football Frenzy Event is live from November 22, 2022, at 3pm GMT to December 3, 2022, at 8pm GMT. 

Fortnite Football Frenzy: All Quests

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Fortnite Football Frenzy consists of a set of six Quests. All the Football Frenzy Challenges relate to Football in one way or another. For example, slaying three opponents in one match for a hat trick or scoring goals on a Football Pitch.

Below are all the Fortnite Football Frenzy Quests:

  • Eliminate three opponents in a single match (3)
  • Hit an enemy player from over 75 metres away (1)
  • Land on a Football Pitch and finish among the Top 10 Players in a match (1)
  • Score a goal in two different matches (2)
  • Slide and Dance within ten seconds of scoring a goal (1)
  • Visit two Football Pitches in a single match (2)

  • Find out how to get the Duelist's Grace Pickaxe for free in Fortnite.

Fortnite Football Frenzy: All Rewards

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Of course, there are rewards to earn for your efforts. Every Fortnite Football Frenzy Quest you complete will net 20K XP toward your Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass and Season Level. With six Challenges in all, that's 120K XP up for grabs!

Players that reach the Bonus Goal of completing four of the six Football Frenzy Quests will receive the exclusive Go for the Goal Spray.

Now, boot up Fortnite and dominate the pitch in Fortnite Football Frenzy.

The XP from the Football Frenzy Quests does wonders toward unlocking the Fortnite Chrome Punk Skin.

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