How to import your saves from FM23 to Football Manager 2024

How to import your saves from FM23 to Football Manager 2024
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Morgan Truder


20th Oct 2023 10:18

One of the most demanded features from the Football Manager community is to import old saves from a previous game, and finally, FM24 has delivered on this idea. There is nothing worse than being fully engrossed in a great save, maybe decades deep for a new FM to release and steal you away. All those youngsters you’ve signed are lost, and trophies you’ve won: are forgotten - it’s a sad reality. 

Below, we will explain how you can import your saves to the game, as well as if everything is transferred over when you commit to importing your save. The only saves that this process is compatible with is FM23. Any saves from previous years will have to stay lost, unfortunately.

Here is everything you need to know about transferring saves in FM24. 

How to import your FM23 saves to FM24

FM24 save transfer screen
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Luckily, importing your old save from last year's game to the new Football Manager is incredibly easy - but it can trip you up if you’ve never done it before. Here are the steps to follow so you can keep the good times rolling: 

  • When you fire up FM24, there is an option saying to load FM23 save
  • Select this and it will warn you of the some differences with a transported save (we have outlined these below)
  • Press OK 
  • Now you will be on a load screen with your FM24 and FM23 saves
  • Simply choose which save you want to import, press Load and wait for it to move over 
  • If your save isn’t there, you can check the cloud using the tab on the top right
  • If you're still unsure about what's new in FM24, here is our preview where we talk about our time with the game 

Is everything carried over from FM23? 

FM24 save transfer FAQs
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The other burning question when it comes to importing a previous save is whether or not everything carries over and how compatible the new game is with the old one.

Fortunately, before you import your save, a handy FAQ pops up outlining the quirks of an imported save. Here is everything outlined about bringing over your FM23 save to FM24.

  • The initial transfer may cause load times to be longer on an imported save
  • Most data will transfer and be compatible with the new features in FM24, but some of the data will not be populated from FM23
  • Achievements cannot be unlocked in FM24 when using an imported save from FM23

That is all there is to know about importing saves from FM23 into FM24. If you’re on the lookout for even more guides, check out our FM24 homepage

Morgan is one of the Guides Writers at GGRecon. He first started writing about games for fun whilst doing his BA (Hons) in History and Film. Since then he has turned this passion into a career and was previously an Editor at VideoGamer before joining GGRecon. Despite enjoying all sorts of games, he can often be found playing Football Manager, Red Dead Redemption 2 or Sekiro.

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