Best scouts to hire in Football Manager 2024 to make the best team

Best scouts to hire in Football Manager 2024 to make the best team
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2nd Nov 2023 11:24

Finding good players in Football Manager 2024 is key to success in the game, and in order to do that you will need to hire the best scouts possible. Depending on your club's scouting budget, you can have a different number of scouts. For example, on my save with West Ham, I have 14 scouts, but you can always hire more.

When you join a new club, or start a fresh save, you probably won’t have a full recruitment team so you’re going to need to bring in some fresh scouts. Depending on how wide you have your Scouting Range, they will explore far and wide.

Here's everything you need to know about hiring the very best scouts in FM24, as well as some of the top scouts available when you first fire up the game.

The best scouts to hire in FM24

Scout in FM24
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Below is a list of the very best scouts to hire in FM24. When you’re on the search for new scouts, the things you really need to keep in mind are their Judging Player Ability and Judging Player Potential stats, as well as the regions they have good knowledge. Wherever their knowledge is, that is where they will be the most comfortable and hopefully find a few wonderkids from the region.

Name Nationality Current role  Age 
Devin Ozek German  Bayer Leverkusen 28
Matthew Kimber England Norwich 28
Daniel Khoroshukhin German Hertha Berlin 29
Koen Veenstra  Netherlands AZ 29
Brendan MacFarlane Scotland AS Monaco 29
Sergio Santome Spain Olympique Marseille 31
Christos Akkas Greece Feyenoord 31
Dennys Dilettoso Brazil ATM 33
Giuseppe Lupo Italy Lazio 35

As you get further through your save, more and more scouts will be loading into the world, whilst certain managers may become scouts as they near retirement. It's always fun to see who you can get in your backroom staff - I have Chilean manager Manuel Pellegrini as my chief scout which is a nice touch.

Those are all the best scouts available in FM24, so you can find the best players to fit your preferred tactics and formation. If you’re on the hunt for more tips, then make sure you check out our Football Manager homepage.

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