How to find & apply for jobs in Football Manager 2024

How to find & apply for jobs in Football Manager 2024
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13th Nov 2023 15:21

There will come a time during any Football Manager 2024 save when you might want to find another job. You may be looking because you have new owners who don’t want to invest in the squad, or maybe you’ve been fired after a poor run of form. Who knows? You could just fancy a change of pace.

Below, we will go over both how you can find new jobs, but also the process on how to apply for new managerial positions. If you’re unemployed, the process is slightly different, so we will outline the differences in the game too.

How to find available jobs in FM24

Available Jobs in FM24
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Before you even apply for a job, the first step is to see which jobs are currently vacant. You can do this in a few different ways. The first one is to go to the Staff tab:

  • Once in the Staff tab, select Job Centre at the top 
  • Below is listed all the currently available jobs 

Alternatively, you can pin the active jobs on your homepage so you can always take a look. Here is how to pin jobs to your homepage:

How to pin jobs in FM24
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  • Once on the homepage, select one of the drop-downs in the bottom third of the page
  • The top option will be Available Jobs
  • Select it, to pin it to your homepage permanently

How to find jobs if you’re unemployed 

If you’re unemployed, you can do all of the above options but you will also get emails automatically into your inbox highlighting jobs you should apply for. It makes the process considerably easier and you will be shown jobs you have a good chance of getting.

How to apply for jobs

How to apply for jobs in FM24
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Once you have found the jobs you want to apply for, there are a couple of ways to enter the running in Football Manager, we have listed them below:

  • Once on the club or Nation, you want to apply to, you can select View Job Advert and from the drop-down press Apply for this job
  • In the Job Centre, you can quickly apply for jobs by highlighting the club and pressing Apply
  • You can also apply for all jobs in the job centre by selecting the Apply All option

When is the best time to apply for jobs in FM24? 

During a Football Manager, there are different times when there are more jobs available than others. At the beginning of the season, there are very few jobs available, if any at all. The best times to search for jobs are:

  • After an international tournament
  • October/November
  • February
  • End of the season

It is never guaranteed jobs will be available, but after an international tournament there is always a mass exodus of managers leaving their National Team posts - and they are normally replaced by good club managers, so there are plenty of jobs available.

October, November and February are when there are usually sackings. Again, it isn’t always the case but the game usually sticks to this pattern.

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