Who are the best Assistant Managers in Football Manager 2024?

Who are the best Assistant Managers in Football Manager 2024?
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Whilst playing Football Manager 2024, it's important to appoint a good right-hand man in the form of an Assistant Manager.

Your Assistant Manager will help out with your coaching, offer suggestions during matches, manage any games you have to miss, and even do your team talks when needed in the game.

They can also go to any press conferences you don’t fancy. In truth, your Assistant Manager is going to pick up anything you don’t really want to do - as well as helping with tactics and coaching. 

Best Assistant Managers

Name Nationality Current job Age
Antonio Diaz Carlavilla  Spain Getafe 54
Marcoa Brazil FLU 50
Xaver Zembrod Germany VfL Wolfsburg 56
Giacoma Murelli Italy AC Milan 59
Manfred Stefes Germany Dusseldorf 55
Paolo Benetti Italy Cagliari 57
Wolfgang Beller Germany Augsburg 58
John Metgod Netherlands U.A.E 64
Lemur de Souza Brazil CTB 61
James Beattie England Cheltenham 44
Richard Dobson England QPR 46

What stats are important for an Assistant Manager in FM24?

The most important things to look out for when bringing in an Assistant are Judging Player Ability/Potential, Motivation, and People Management, as well as good tactical knowledge so they make good suggestions during the game and help with coaching.

You'll also want to make sure they have a preferred style similar to your own, otherwise, their suggestions will not be in line with how you want to play.

FM24 Assistant Manager
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Another thing to keep in mind when you hire an Assistant is to check what language they speak and if they can speak the language of the team you're managing. If you can't speak the language, this will make it much easier to get your ideas across, if your assistant can.

That’s all there is to know about the best Assistant Managers in FM24. Our list is compiled of players who want to be Assistant Managers in the game, but depending on how your save goes, that list can change to reflect new players retiring or other staff changing their approach - no two saves are the same.

For more great FM guides, we have covered the very best saves even for the most die-hard players as well as who the best coaches are to accompany your new Assistant Manager. For even more, check out our Football Manager homepage.

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