The best Director of Football to hire in FM24

The best Director of Football to hire in FM24
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Morgan Truder


7th Nov 2023 12:20

Finding the best Director of Football to hire in FM24 will go a long way in helping you side with recruitment and highlighting the right kinds of players to sign.

You don’t need to have a Director of Football in the game if you don’t want to, but it can be a big time saver when searching for players. For this reason, we've highlighted some of the very best Directors of Football you can hire in Football Manager 2024, as well as what they actually do in-game. 

The best people to hire as Director of Football 

Best Director of Football in FM24
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The suggestions in the table below are the best options to hire for Director of Football, ranked from youngest to oldest:

Name Club Age
Alvaro Ladron de Guevara Real Betis (Real Hispalis)  34
Stuart Webber Norwich 39
Ross Wilson Nottingham Forest  40
Matt Crocker Free Agent 48
Ramon Tejada Huesca 49
Emilio De Dios Sevilla 51
Leanardo Free Agent 53
Guillermo Amor Free Agent 55
Ramon Planes Real Betis (Real Hispalis)  55
Jon Rudkin Leicester 59

Despite some great options for people in their 70s, the lack of longevity automatically makes them awkward for a save - before you know it, they will be retiring so we have decided to exclude anyone too old.

What does a Director of Football do?

Football Manager 2024 suggest targets
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In Football Manager, the Director of Football will take some of the pressure off of you as the manager. It means you can focus more on tactics and how you want to utilise your personnel.

The Director of Football will help with recruitment, suggest players to sign and highlight which areas of your team need more depth.

That’s all you need to know about the best hires you can make for Director of Football in FM24. We have also covered the very best tactics you can deploy in the game and for everything else, here's our Football Manager homepage.

Morgan is one of the Guides Writers at GGRecon. He first started writing about games for fun whilst doing his BA (Hons) in History and Film. Since then he has turned this passion into a career and was previously an Editor at VideoGamer before joining GGRecon. Despite enjoying all sorts of games, he can often be found playing Football Manager, Red Dead Redemption 2 or Sekiro.

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