Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth chapter list & how long to beat the game

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth chapter list & how long to beat the game
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29th Feb 2024 00:00

The amount of time needed to beat Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth might be even bigger than you expect when looking at its chapters list. 

Being much larger than Remake in both story and scope, FF7 Rebirth looks like you’ll need quite a few hours to beat the game

Spoiler warning: The chapter list will include mild story spoilers for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How long to beat FF7 Rebirth story

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will take 35-40 hours to beat at minimum, but that’s only if you take part in as little side content as possible throughout the entire game. 

Completing a fair amount of side missions which included all of the Queen’s Blood card game content for his FF7 Rebirth review, my colleague Harry Boulton beat the game in 51 hours. 

Of course, if you also decide to play on the harder difficulty settings for Rebirth, including the challenging Dynamic mode, you may end up adding a few extra hours to your playtime as well - accounting for slightly more intense battles which may need several attempts.

How long to 100% complete

Completing everything Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has to offer will take you anywhere from 80-100 hours

That’s to complete all of the side quests, but it can take you more likely to the higher end of that estimate if you want to finish all of the optional World Intel activities as well. 

FF7 Rebirth chapters list

The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth chapters list
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The list of all 14 Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth chapters can be found in the list below, from first to last. As mentioned previously though, be wary of potential story spoilers before reading further:

  • Chapter 1 - Fall of a Hero
  • Chapter 2 - A New Journey Begins
  • Chapter 3 - Deeper into Darkness
  • Chapter 4 - Dawn of a New Era
  • Chapter 5 - Blood in the Water
  • Chapter 6 - Fool’s Paradise
  • Chapter 7 - Those Left Behind
  • Chapter 8 - All That Glitters
  • Chapter 9 - The Planet Stirs
  • Chapter 10 - Watcher of the Vale
  • Chapter 11 - The Long Shadow of Shinra
  • Chapter 12 - A Golden Key
  • Chapter 13 - Where Angels Fear to Tread
  • Chapter 14 - End of the World

Totalling such a large playtime of at least 35 hours, you’ll be set to enjoy at least a couple of hour’s worth of FF7 Rebirth content per chapter. 

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Otherwise, dive into Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides & news homepage for extra tips and updates.

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