How to play Queen's Blood in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth & tips to win

How to play Queen's Blood in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth & tips to win
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Harry Boulton


29th Feb 2024 00:01

Queen's Blood is the new card-based minigame that's taken the world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth by storm, but it's tricky to figure out how to play and the best tips to win more games.

Like most card games you'll build an ideal deck that balances between common utility cards and powerful but costly ones. The key to true success in the game though is mastering space, and I'll show you exactly how to do that and more right here.

How to play Queen's Blood

Image of a Queen's Blood board with one card played in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Queen's Blood is a card game played on a 5x3 grid, where each card has its own points value that contributes to a single row's score.

To win Queen's Blood, you must have the highest combined score across the three rows, but your points only count if they are higher than the opposition's on the same row.

Furthermore, open spaces on the board are represented by pawns, and most cards spawn new pawns onto the battlefield in a predetermined shape. You do need a certain number of pawns on a single space in order to play some of the more powerful cards though, so you need to be mindful about your placement and positioning.

Queen's Blood players are found in many of the hub cities and towns in the game and are marked by their numbered rank on the map. All you need to do to play is find them and interact with the player and a new match will start. Beating players will increase your rank, and subsequently open up new challenges to undertake.

Queen's Blood tips and tricks to win more games

Pay attention to your deck

While the starting deck is just about fine, you will pick up plenty of new cards as you play and explore the world, giving you an abundance of new ways to play and win.

Many of the new cards that you acquire are extremely strong, providing high points, great board placements, special abilities, or maybe even all three. Integrating these into your deck is essential for tackling the tougher opponents, as you'll want all the tricks you can get up your sleeve.

Image of Mu being played in Queen's Blood in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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Don't forget the basics

Although flashy and powerful cards are an essential part of any deck, some of the most important cards you can use in every game are the basic single pawn options.

Cards like Security Officer, Grasslands Wolf, and Chocobo & Moogle all might seem simple as they only give you one or two points, but they are so important when it comes to making your other cards shine. You only start with single pawn spaces after all, so you'd better make sure that every move counts.

Always think ahead

You can only play one card per turn, but one of the keys to success in Queen's Blood is the ability to think multiple turns in advance. Often each move is simply to facilitate the next, so having a move to work towards or space that you want to fill can help you greatly when it comes to playing the right cards and not making any mistakes.

Things can always go wrong though as an opponent's move can throw your plans straight into the bin, but this is also something that you will learn to consider as you play more and more.

Dominate the space

Getting points on the board will ultimately win you the game, but you'll get much further and have a higher success rate when you think of the board as space to be conquered instead of points to be registered.

Image of a Queen's Blood board filled with cards in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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After all, you're playing in direct opposition to your opponent, so if you can limit the number of cards they can play then you won't need as many points to win in the end. Always try and play the move that blocks off a lane or captures an area of the board - but do be careful with empty pawns as they can just as easily be turned against you.

Learning how to best apply all of these tips takes time and practice, but soon you'll be a Queen's Blood master who is capable of taking on even the toughest of opponents.

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