Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail
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Dawntrail is the hotly anticipated new expansion for Final Fantasy 14, bringing you and your favourite Scions to the summer vacation you never knew you needed.

Expansions have allowed this MMORPG to flourish into one of the most popular and acclaimed games on the market, giving players so much more to enjoy and fall in love with in the game - and Dawntrail looks to only further continue the fun.

Do we know when FFXIV Dawntrail will launch?

No, we don't currently know exactly when FFXIV Dawntrail will launch.

However, Square Enix has said that we can expect to see more of the expansion in Summer 2024. Aside from the most recent expansion, Endwalker, every other expansion has launched during the summer.

The first three launched in late June, and the fourth in early July, so it looks like Dawntrail could follow a similar pattern.

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail story & location details

Thancred speaking to locals in Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail
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Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail takes the Warrior of Light to a new land called Tural. Seemingly inspired by South and Latin America, the names and designs of this new region appear to be inspired by Aztec and Inca history. In the latest FFXIV fan fest, players were introduced to one of the cities that they can expect to travel through, named Tuliyollal. 

Not only this, but the audience also got to get a glimpse of the tropical region in the new region, called Koazama'uka.

Shaaloani was also revealed as a desert region that is said to have a secret that is integral to the story of Dawntrail. Joining this is a new city named Solution Nine, which brings towering facades that were created outside of the Tuliyollal history.

The trailer implies that the journey to this new place is for somewhat of a holiday, but also for a specific purpose. The Warrior of Light has been asked to participate in a rite of succession to determine Tural's next ruler, which seems likely to be the spark for the inevitable conflict that will arise upon our arrival.

Beyond that, little is known yet. We do know that exploration and discovery will be prominent themes of the expansion, as the Scions will be tasked with seeking out a fabled "city of gold". Also, there may be some friendly rivalry involved, as the Scions are going to be divided into two groups in this endeavour.

All new content & jobs in Dawntrail

Image of the Viper in Final Fantasy XIV
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A new expansion means a heap of new content, with plenty to do beyond the new story. As is tradition, the level cap will be increased with the new expansion, this time to level 100. Players will be able to take their existing jobs to this new cap, as well as the two new jobs that are coming with Dawntrail.

The first Job to come has been revealed in the form of 'Viper', with the second and final Job revealed in the Tokyo Fan Fest as 'Pictomancer'. The Viper focuses on two-handed dual-edged blades in close combat, whereas the Pictomancer takes an artistic approach, using aether to bring creatures, weapons, and landscapes to reality.

Beastmaster is the new Limited Job too, and while we know little about how it will work in XIV at the moment, the job itself has a long history in the Final Fantasy franchise that many players will be familiar with. Hopefully, we see the the return of the fluffy wool outfit too!

Image of the new Female Hrothgar race in Final Fantasy 14
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Image via Square Enix

Another highly anticipated addition is the new Female Hrothgar race that players can select for their character, giving the feline family equal representation across the board. This is unfortunately the last race that will be added to the game, but one that will certainly be popular for new and existing players alike.

There will be tonnes of new content for players to enjoy, including a new Beast Tribe. They are The Moblins- a group that dresses up like Goblins and has an affinity for crafting and gathering.

Players can expect to see new Dungeons, a brand new eight-player Raid and a new Ultimate Raid.

What is the graphical upgrade coming in FFXIV Dawntrail?

A screenshot showing the old and new graphics in Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail
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Image via Square Enix

For the first time in the history of the game, Final Fantasy 14 is getting a graphical overhaul for both characters and the world. This update will be an ongoing process that will begin with patch 7.0, which will be released alongside Dawntrail.

These graphical upgrades look to bring the lighting and texture quality of the game to a much higher standard while keeping things familiar. The changes won't be drastic, they won't bring the game up to the same graphical quality as something like Final Fantasy 16, but they will make Final Fantasy 14 look and feel more like a modern MMO.

Players can expect higher-quality character models, improved armour and weapon textures, better lighting across the board, and much more. These changes will only start alongside patch 7.0, it will not be an overnight overhaul, but the game will be vastly improved over time.

That is everything we have so far on Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail. For more, head to our Final Fantasy homepage, or check out our Final Fantasy 14 leveling guide.

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