Final Fantasy 16 The Rising Tide DLC trailers, gameplay details & more

Final Fantasy 16 The Rising Tide DLC trailers, gameplay details & more
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8th Dec 2023 12:57


While the shadow drop for Echoes of the Fallen has definitely drawn plenty of attention, the announcement of The Rising Tide as the next DLC for Final Fantasy 16 is where everyone's eyes lie, and we've got everything you need to know about the gameplay and trailers right here.

You'll definitely be thriving if you love FF16, as the two story DLCs join the upcoming FFXIV x FFXVI crossover in continuing Clive's story. The Rising Tide seems to indicate a familiar foe, though, which keen eyes noticed was hinted at in the base game.

Are there any gameplay details for The Rising Tide DLC?

Image of Clive and Jill in The Rising Tide DLC for Final Fantasy 16
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From the trailer, we can see that Final Fantasy 16's The Rising Tide DLC will follow a similar gameplay structure to the base game, only with new areas and enemies to discover.

It appears to take place in the recurring locale of Mysidia, which has appeared in a number of Final Fantasy games including FFII and FFIV. This particular version of the location seems to take a more tropical twist - perhaps in relation to a certain legendary seaborne enemy.

Image of the Tonberry King in The Rising Tide DLC for Final Fantasy 16
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One notable return seen within the trailer is the Tonberry, who are seen as standard enemies and as a more notable boss too. They might be a little more 'realistic' looking than they have typically appeared within the series, but it's great to see a familiar face crop up once again.

Image of Ifrit and Leviathan in The Rising Tide DLC for Final Fantasy 16
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By far the biggest appearance is what is most likely Leviathan's Eikonic form, with one shot, in particular, showing Ifrit ready to face it down. This looks to be on the scale of the biggest boss fights in the base game, and could have great gameplay ramifications too with another set of Eikon abilities added to Clive's arsenal.

This looks like one of the most exciting set pieces in the game already, and I can't wait to see what ridiculous action is in store for Clive, Ifrit, and the gang in Mysidia.

Final Fantasy 16 The Rising Tide trailer

There is only one trailer available for The Rising Tide DLC so far, and it is in combination with the already-released Echoes of the Fallen expansion.

This means that there isn't too much shown from the additional story, but there is plenty for experienced fans to get excited about and speculate alongside the general visual spectacle.

Do we know what platforms The Rising Tide will be on?

Currently, The Rising Tide DLC is only announced for PlayStation 5, as Final Fantasy 16 remains a PS5 exclusive for now. We know that a PC version is definitely in the works, but there is no schedule for when that will launch, or if it will arrive before the 'Spring 2024' window for this expansion.

It would be safe to assume that The Rising Tide arrives exclusively on PS5, then the PC version will launch as a 'complete edition' with all DLC included - but we will have to wait and see.

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