The Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be A Trilogy

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be A Trilogy
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Joseph Kime


17th Jun 2022 12:00

It's been a bit of a wait for the next instalment in the Final Fantasy VII remake lineage. But then again, so was waiting for the first part. The classic title finally got its modern Final Fantasy treatment back in 2020, as gamers sit twiddling their joysticks for the second chapter.

Although some fans were concerned that the game was willing to take creative agency with the comparatively short story of the original game, others love the risks it took with the game and the fearlessness of the developers to create a brand-new experience. And now, the remake is continuing in a bigger and bolder way than we expected.

Is The Final Fantasy VII Remake A Trilogy?

Final Fantasy VII Remake
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As revealed by the massive 25th-anniversary celebration event for Final Fantasy VII, the game is going to be stretched out into a full trilogy. Like Star Wars or The Lord of the RingsFFVII is getting the trilogy treatment and is expected to be just as epic. 

We've known for some time that Final Fantasy VII Remake wasn't going to restrict itself to just the one game. With so much story to tell with the brand-new play style, it only made sense to get at least two parts out of the tale. All that changed, as we now know that the game's remakes will be expanded to make room for a third game.

While Square Enix isn't willing to lift the lid and we don't know anything about the third game itself just yet, there's been some movement. In the process of the announcement, we saw our first glimpse of the second game in the remake line, which is titled Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.


When Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Coming Out?

In the trailer, we see Cloud, Zack, and Sephiroth, while a female voice says, "Wait, what are you implying? That I died? That I'm some kind of imposter?"... is it Aerith or Tifa?. Either way, it confirms that Rebirth is doing more than just a simple rehash of the original story. Aside from this, all we know is that it's (unsurprisingly) coming to PS5. 

Alongside our first look at Rebirth thanks to the trailer released as part of the celebration, Square Enix confirmed that the game will be coming at some point during the Winter period of 2023. The future of the classic game is bright, and we can't wait to see what its two sequels are going to turn out like. Who knew we could literally get more of Final Fantasy VII?

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