Final Fantasy 16 release date, launch trailer, gameplay & more

Final Fantasy 16 release date, launch trailer, gameplay & more
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24th May 2023 21:39


It's been an almost seven-year-long wait since the previous mainline Final Fantasy entry arrived, and FFXVI is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting title with lots to look forward to - so here's everything we know so far.

Continuing on from the third-person action of its predecessor, Final Fantasy 16 brings back high fantasy to the franchise once more, complete with magic attacks and gorgeous visuals. So, if you're wanting to find out Final Fantasy 16's release date, gameplay, trailers, and more - keep reading.

What is the Final Fantasy 16 release date?

Key art of Clive facing the camera with flames behind him in Final Fantasy 16
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Fans can finally rejoice, as the Final Fantasy 16 release date has finally been announced as June 22, 2023. This gives us not much longer to wait now until we can jump into the world of Valisthea.

After being announced all the way back in September 2020, fans have had to wait quite a while to get their hands on the game, but it will hopefully be worth it once we reach that date in June.

What platforms will Final Fantasy 16 be on?

Key art of a woman holding an ice crystal in Final Fantasy 16
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Final Fantasy 16 will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. While the previous title in the series did launch on both Sony and Microsoft consoles on the same day, even making its way to PC two years later, recent PlayStation-exclusive Square Enix games like Final Fantasy VII Remake have never made their way over to Xbox.

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All Final Fantasy 16 trailers revealed so far

There have been a couple of Final Fantasy 16 trailers released since the initial reveal, but the original announcement trailer is arguably one of the best, featuring far more than you would usually expect from a first showing, giving fans a lot to get excited about if they weren't quite already.

This trailer shows a myriad of fast-cutting scenes from both a cinematic and gameplay perspective, escalating from soldiers at a bonfire, to warfare, and then to a giant burning demon with a phoenix. The story seems to pivot around Mothercrystals, which have shaped the history of the land by providing people with the ability to create magic.

However, a Blight is spreading through the land and threatens to destroy that peace, which is presumably where your character would jump in to save the day. 

In June 2022's State of Play, another significant trailer showed off an additional look at the story and combat of Final Fantasy 16, further introducing us to the main players within the narrative, alongside a glimpse at one of the gods known as Eikon.

If you're looking for more details surrounding the story and world, however, then the Final Fantasy 16 'Revenge' and 'Ambition' trailers are definitely the places to look. We get to see more of the stunning vistas of Valisthea, alongside the various conflicts that will ensue between the warring kingdoms.

The latest trailer showcases much more of the game's story, and was shown at the PlayStation Showcase for May 2023.

What gameplay details are there on Final Fantasy 16?

Screenshot of combat in Final Fantasy 16 where Clive is locked swords with a knight
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The Final Fantasy 16 gameplay that we have seen so far is somewhat typical of modern Final Fantasy titles - but that might upset some classic fans, with Square Enix opting to not return to the turn-based combat that defined eleven of the series' fifteen entries, instead focusing on real-time, action-based combat more akin to other modern triple-A titles.

One of the key reasons for this comes from battle director Ryota Suzuki, who previously worked on Devil May Cry 5 - and you can very much see an influence between the two games, with extravagant attacks and long combos to show off some of your styles.

Furthermore, it appears as if you will be able to use magic and various special moves within combat beyond your standard weapon attacks, so making sure that you chain these together will likely be key to success.

You will also have a trusty dog, Torgal, at your side to help out throughout your adventure, which you can command manually (though he can also act without your input) and can additionally mend Clive's wounds.

This ties into a recent video shared on Final Fantasy XVI's Twitter account on May 10, 2023, which showcased some spectacular visuals of Clive's allies aiding him in battle. While you can't control these allies as you can with Torgal, they look to be an incredibly helpful addition to combat in particularly tough fights.

Finally, perhaps the most exciting feature of Final Fantasy 16's gameplay comes in the form of Behemoth battles, which allow you to take control of massive gods and monsters that would previously be reserved for summons in past entries.

So, that wraps up everything we currently know about Final Fantasy 16, giving you all the details surrounding the release date, gameplay, trailers, and platforms to keep you informed. If you're wanting more Final Fantasy content though, make sure to check out our game page for all of the latest news and guides.

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