Final Fantasy 16 'Plus symbol' side quests: What are they?

Final Fantasy 16 'Plus symbol' side quests: What are they?
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22nd Jun 2023 00:00

As your journey continues within Final Fantasy 16, you will start seeing 'Plus symbol' side quests, which will likely leave you wondering what they are. Final Fantasy 16 is filled to the brim with side quests that will send you searching across all of Valisthea, but there are some special side activities that you definitely won't want to miss.

You will generally be fine if you just do the main quest within the game, but there are so many additional tricks that Final Fantasy 16 has up its sleeve - and these special side quests are certainly one of them.

So, find out more about the 'Plus symbol' side quests in Final Fantasy 16 with this guide below, as we've got all of the answers you'll need to find out exactly what they are.

What are 'Plus symbol' side quests in Final Fantasy 16?

Map location of the Blacksmith's Blues plus symbol side quest in Final Fantasy 16
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'Plus symbol' side quests in Final Fantasy 16 are expanded side activities that are slightly longer and more complicated, in addition to introducing game-enhancing rewards. These can range from being able to ride your own Chocobo mount, to increasing your healing capabilities.

In simple terms, you should try and do any side quests with a plus symbol that appear, as the rewards are almost always worth the effort that you put in. Some might just simply enhance your experience outside of combat, or give you a nice new gear set, but some can really help you get through even the game's toughest bosses.

All 'Plus symbol' side quests in Final Fantasy 16

Image of the plus symbol side quest icon in Final Fantasy 16
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If you're wanting to see a list of all 'Plus symbol' side quests in Final Fantasy 16, make sure to check out the table below for all of the details:

Quest Name Quest Reward
The White Winged Wonder Chocobo Mount
Blacksmith's Blues Design Drafts/Drakeslayer's Belt
The Root of the Problem Improve healing
Blacksmith's Blues II Excalibur Design Draft
Weird Science Increase inventory capacity
Please Sir Can I Have Some Morbol Improve healing further
Blacksmith's Blues III Ouroboros Design Draft
Blacksmith's Blues IV Ragnarok & Gotterdammerung Design Draft
Even Weirder Science Increase inventory capacity further

As you can see, there is quite a lot that you can earn here, so make sure to do them all to pick up all of the exciting rewards. If you get stuck on any of them, however, or just want to know when you can complete them, make sure to check out our individual quest guides linked within the table for each side activity.

So, that's everything you need to know about the 'Plus symbol' side quests in Final Fantasy 16, giving you the details on their differences from the standard side activities, alongside a full list of the special quests too.

If you're after more Final Fantasy content, however, make sure to give our dedicated game page a look, as there are plenty of guides for you to consider right there.

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