How to improve potency & increase capacity in Final Fantasy 16

How to improve potency & increase capacity in Final Fantasy 16
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You'd be surprised sometimes at how much damage certain attacks can deal to Clive in Final Fantasy 16, so having the means to heal it all back in one use is incredibly handy.

Thankfully, the game gives you a couple of different means to upgrade your healing, so you can easily mitigate any hit you're dealt, providing you have the right equipment and enough healing materials. Check out the rest of this guide below to find out what you need to improve and upgrade healing in Final Fantasy 16, as we've got all of the details waiting for you right here.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide may contain story spoilers, so be sure to proceed at your own risk to ensure details in the game remain a surprise.

How to improve healing potency

The best way to improve healing potency in Final Fantasy 16 is by completing The Root of the Problem and the Please Sir Can I Have Some Morbol quests, as they will give you permanent boosts to the potency of your healing items.

Image of Clive collecting Morganbeard extract in Final Fantasy 16
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They are both 'Plus symbol' side quests that will crop up over the course of the game, and you must have completed the former before you can start the latter.

Outside of this, you can use the various Clerics Medallions that you find throughout your travels to boost your healing further - although these will take up an accessory slot in your inventory so you might find it a bit tricky.

The Cleric's Medallion +1 and the High Cleric Medallion are both excellent options for significantly boosting your potion and high potion potency, and they can both be picked up from the renown donation rewards.

How to increase healing capacity

If you're wanting to increase the number of healing items that Clive can carry at any one time, then you will need to complete both the Weird Science and Even Weirder Science quests.

Image of the increased inventory capacity in Final Fantasy 16
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These both involve picking up materials from certain enemies, so you'd better feel proficient enough at combat, but they are very much worth completing as some of the later bosses are endurance fights that you will need as much healing as possible for.

Where to find 'The Root of the Problem' quest in Final Fantasy 16

Map location of The Root of the Problem quest in Final Fantasy 16
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The Root of the Problem side quest will become available after completing the Drake's Breath section of the game, and defeating the Liquid Flame boss. After the Storm will be the main quest at the point of acquisition, and it is a also 'Plus symbol' side quest, so will be easy to distinguish from all of the others too.

  • To locate The Root of the Problem side quest, you will want to head to The Backyard within Hideaway, which is located to the northwest of The Rear Stacks.
  • You can get to this location by going past Blackthorn and heading down the stairs on the right.
  • Eventually, you will reach Nigel, Head Botanist, and he should give you the quest and put you on the hunt for some precious flowers.

Where to find the 'Please Sir Can I Have Some Morbol' quest

For the Please Sir Can I Have Some Morbol quest in Final Fantasy 16, you will have to have clashed with Sleipnir at Kanver and be on the A Song of Hope main quest. It can be picked up from Nigel the Botanist in The Backyard of Hideaway much like The Root of the Problem, so make sure to head back there.

Where to find Weird Science quest

Image of the Weird Science map location in Final Fantasy 16
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The Weird Science quest in Final Fantasy 16 will become available after besting Bahamut, when the Things Fall Apart main quest is active. Unlike Blacksmith's Blues III, you will not need to complete any parts of this main quest to start this off.

  • Head to Mid's Dungeon and speak to Owain to start this quest. He will require you to pick up some Bomb Ember, which can be obtained from the Bomb King notorious mark.
  • You will then need to head to the Hunt Board and select the Bomb King dialogue option to find out more about this particular hunt.
  • In order to find the Bomb King, you will need to head to The Crock, which is southeast of The Dragon's Aery in Sanbreque.
  • You can get here by taking The Imperial Chase at the southern end of the Aery, and then heading north at the first turning.

Where to find Even Weirder Science quest

Image of the Even Weirder Science map location in Final Fantasy 16
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To find Even Weirder Science in Final Fantasy 16 you will need to have completed Barnabas and be on the Across the Narrow main quest. This can be picked up once again from Owain the Engineer in Mid's Dungeon, so head back there to start it out.

This time he requires you to find spherical echoes from Hunter enemies in three separate map locations. These are quest marked, so you just need to head to their locations, take the group of enemies out, and then pick up the quest item after each fight.

Completing both quests will mean that you will have the following inventory capacity available in Final Fantasy 16:

  • Eight potions (up from four)
  • Five high potions (up from three)
  • Four strength tonics (up from two)
  • Four stoneskin tonics (up from two)

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