All Fallout 76 nuke codes & where to use them

All Fallout 76 nuke codes & where to use them
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In Fallout 76, the nuke codes change every week, keeping players on their toes, but we've got a full list and all of the locations you'll need to get sorted.

Fallout 76 has risen in popularity in recent years despite its less than favourable start, making these codes even more valuable to players. Here, you're going to find the locations where you need to redeem them in the game so that you can become the master of the nukes.

Fallout 76 nuke codes

Starting with the most important part, here are the currently active Fallout 76 nuke codes. These codes can be activated at the designated launch sites, which we have listed below.

Sites Codes
Alpha 37148779
Bravo 60715190
Charlie 46479683

Where are the nuke sites in Fallout 76?

Nuke codes in Fallout 76 can only get you so far, as you need to know where to use them. As such, we have the locations of the currently active nuke sites listed for you below:

Site Location
Alpha The centre of the Savage Divide
Bravo South of the Palace of the Winding Path in the Savage Divide 
Charlie In the south of the Savage Divide

There are three sites, Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie, and those sites correspond to the nuke codes above.

Once you've made it to these sites, you simply need to enter the code and you'll be launching your WMDs in no time. Just make sure to have beaten the main quest first, then you can fire on all cylinders.

That's it for our Fallout 76 nuke codes guide, giving you all of the latest inputs for each location so you can press the big red button.

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