Where should you take the Faded Whistle in Lies of P?

Where should you take the Faded Whistle in Lies of P?
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If you find a Faded Whistle under a nearby bench shortly after the Scrapped Watchmen boss fight in Lies of P, you’re probably wondering where to take it - and we've got a rundown of the location you'll need to visit.

Although what to do with the mysterious policeman’s whistle might be obvious to some, it’s easy to be unsure if you missed or didn’t pick up on the hint given by a certain NPC.

What’s more, even though the Faded Whistle does show the general area of where to go on the fast travel map, the exact location of where to go in the game can still be an enigma. 

So, let's get into the location you'll need to take the Faded Whistle to in Lies of P to complete this side quest.

Where should you take the Faded Whistle?

The location to finish the Faded Whistle side quest in Lies of P
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To complete the Faded Whistle side quest in Lies of P, you need to go to Toma’s window on Elysian Boulevard.

This is easily found by starting from the Inside the House on Elysian Boulevard Stargazer fast travel point, walking out onto the roof, going straight then around to climb down the ladder on the far left side, face the Krat Service carriage before turning right down the street, right again, and approaching the lit window with trash cans in front of it as pictured above. 

If you’ve never spoken to the young Toma before, he’ll mention Murphy, a “super cool police officer”, hinting to the Scrapped Watchmen, along with how much he misses playing with his puppet friend.

If you had interacted with Toma before the Scrapped Watchmen boss fight, it’s very easy to forget about Toma’s connection as he only mentions the type of puppet Murphy was once in passing. 

How to finish Toma's side quest in Lies of P

Talking to Toma outside his window before finishing the Faded Whistle quest in Lies of P
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In order to finish Toma’s side quest in Lies of P, you just need to select the Faded Whistle in your inventory by visiting the "Recollections" section in the "Collectible" tab. Next, choose the “Use” option, and Pinocchio will quickly play the whistle for Toma. 

You’ll know it’s worked when Toma responds with delight saying “Hey, that sound…is that you, Murphy?”. Talk with Toma again for the ill boy to thank you, thinking Pinnochio is Murphy, for coming by, being still too sick to come out and play like he wants. 

Faded Whistle quest rewards in Lies of P

Pinocchio receiving a Radiant Ergo Fragment as a reward in Lies of P
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As the Faded Whistle side quest ends, you’ll be given a Radiant Ergo Fragment - worth 500 Ergo - as a reward. Toma will then become silent, and you'll be unable to speak with him again. 

That’s everything you need to know about the location of where to take the Faded Whistle to complete the Toma side quest in Lies of P.

To get more from the game, find out how to farm Ergo in Lies of P to level up and buy items fast.  For even more Lies of P guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon

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