How to evolve Dunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Dudunsparce evolution method

How to evolve Dunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Dudunsparce evolution method
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21st Sep 2023 13:45

Available to catch both in the base game and The Teal Mask DLC, more players are back wondering how to evolve Dunspace in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Although Dunspace's next stage is essentially just an added segment to its body, the Dudunspace evolution method is still a peculiar one that may for a mystery for those not in the know. 

So, let's jump into exactly how to evolve Dunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with the essential Dudunspace evolution method.

How to evolve Dunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Learning Hyper Drill to evolve Dunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet into Dudunsparce
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The way to evolve Dunsparce in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is simply by levelling up whilst knowing Hyper Drill, a powerful Normal-type move. Luckily, Dunsparce learns this move naturally at level 32 in the game.

If you catch a Dunsparce that's already above level 32 and has forgotten Hyper Drill, you can get it to re-learn the attack by going into the Pokemon's summary, going to the moves and stats tab, press A for "Change Moves", select "Remember moves", and select Hyper Drill from there. 

Once you level up your Dunsparce with Hyper Drill in its moveset, it will then evolve into your new Dudunsparce. 

How to get Three-Segment Dudunsparce

The Pokedex entry featuring Three-Segment Dudunsparce
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Altogether, there is a one in a one-hundred chance of your Dunsparce evolving into a Dundunsparce with three body segments instead of two. Like its Two-Segment form, Three-Segment Dundunsparce can also be found in the wild within the later game areas of Area Zero.

Be that as it may, this encounter is just as if not rarer than acquiring it through evolution. The difference between the two Dundunspace forms is purely aesthetical though.

So, you shouldn't be concerned if you're only trying to create a competitive build of the Dunsparce evolution. 

That's all you need to know on how to evolve Dunsparce Pokemon Scarlet and Violet using the Dudunsparce evolution method. For more from DLC, you should also check what the lovey-dovey Pokemon is in The Teal Mask.

Alternatively, for even more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.

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