Epic Mickey: Rebrushed remake, trailers, & everything we know

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed remake, trailers, & everything we know
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22nd Feb 2024 09:20


Disney fans have been surprised by the announcement of Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, a remake of the classic Nintendo Wii platformer that's coming to modern consoles including the Switch.

For players old and new, here's what Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is about, when it's arriving, and the trailers we've seen of it so far, so you can enjoy the story when it launches.

What is Epic Mickey: Rebrushed about?

Like the original 2011 game on Wii, Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is about a mischievous and curious Mickey Mouse who first wonders through the mirror of the sorcerer, Yen Sid, into his workshop. 

After finding a magic paintbrush and causing a chaotic mess, the iconic mouse becomes trapped in a spellbinding world of forgotten Disney characters and concepts - now endangered by the monstrous Shadow Blot he's accidentally created. 

In this "faithful remake of the beloved classic", you'll journey through the wondrous dimension - using the magic brush to shape the world with both paint and paint thinner as you go on to become an epic hero.

Do we know when Epic Mickey: Rebrushed comes out?

All we currently know is that Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is coming out sometime in 2024. No date or even a launch window has been revealed yet.

Key art for Epic Mickey: Rebrushed, which is out in 2024
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Epic Mickey: Rebrushed trailers

The remake was originally announced in a roughly one-minute teaser during the February 21 Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase, but a full four-minute announcement trailer below has also been shared on YouTube.

Announcement trailer

Compared to the brief snippet shown in the showcase, the announcement trailer gives us a fuller and beautifully cinematic look at the story of Epic Mickey: Rebrushed.

In it, we see Mickey's curiosity cause the accidental creation of the Shadow Blot, long before the creature eventually takes him away into the magical world in which he becomes trapped. 

Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase trailer

If you want to see what Epic Mickey: Rebrushed looks like in terms of gameplay, the only current way to do so is by jumping to its segment at the 4:59 mark in the Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase as shown above.

The small trailer gives a quick look at both the platforming gameplay and the ability to use Mickey's magic brush to launch paint and paint thinner.

What platforms will Epic Mickey: Rebrushed be on?

Epic Mickey: Rebrushed is set to launch on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC - so pretty much every platform you could hope for.

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Otherwise, jump into our Epic Mickey: Rebrushed guides and news homepage for more essentials and updates as we learn them.

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