Elden Ring Warrior Build: How To Create A Pure DPS Build

Elden Ring Warrior Build: How To Create A Pure DPS Build
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3rd Jan 2023 14:41

Our Elden Ring Warrior character makes use of Dexterity to utilise fast-attacking weapons, forming a DPS build that can shred through enemies quickly while letting you avoid the return damage. Elden Ring has a few ways that players can specialise their characters and make their builds unique, ranging purely from stats, to the type of equipment you wield. So, if you need to know how to repliacate a powerful Elden Ring Warrior build, we've got you covered. 

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Elden Ring Warrior Build: Starting And Levelling

Elden Ring Warrior Build stats
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The Warrior class begins the game at level eight, starting with two Scimitars, a Riveted Wooden Shield, and a mix of Warrior and Blue Cloth armour. Your highest starting stat will be Dexterity, which is perfect for our build, and you'll also have some handy points in Mind, Vigor, and Endurance. 

For the levelling of your Elden Ring Warrior build, you will want to make Dexterity your primary stat, as it's where all your damage scaling will come from. Vigor and Endurance are also key stats, but you can leave Endurance around level 25 as you won't need much more. Strength is a lesser stat, but you will need some points in it so you can effectively wield some late-game weapons for this build. Arcane is another potential stat to utilise if you want to acquire the best Dexterity weapon in the game, but you can leave this for a respec to be more effective early on.

  • The Elden Ring Ranni quest runs for a long time, and allows you access to new areas, along with letting you have an alternate ending.

Elden Ring Warrior Build: Best Equipment 

Elden Ring Warrior Build best equipment
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When it comes to the weapons that you will want for this build, you can't go wrong with starting your playthrough with the Twinblade. This requires 10 Strength and 18 Dexterity, so you will need two more levels from where you started, but it can be found in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, located just east of where you first enter the open world. This weapon can last you a while and will help familiarise you with the twinblade weapon type which you'll be using a lot with this build. 

The other weapons can take a while to get to, but they are both worth using when you get to them. Firstly, is the Godskin Peeler, which requires 17 Strength and 22 Dexterity, and can be earned by defeating the Godskin Apostle boss at Windmill Village, which is located in the north of the Altus Plateau. It's the second best twinblade weapon, and should be your go-to if you're focusing on just physical attributes.

Eleonora's Poleblade is the other option, and the best twinblade in the entire game thanks to its bleed effects and skill. You'll need 12 Strength, 2 Dexterity, and 19 Arcane for this weapon, so it may be worth performing a respec once you own it. It works really well with some of the talismans we'll be using for this build, so if you want the most DPS, this is key. It can also be found in the Altus Plateau by defeating the invader called Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger, at the Second Church of Marika. 

For your armour, you'll only need two sets throughout, starting with the Land of Reeds set which you should focus on getting once you've grabbed the Twinblade. If you choose the Samurai class you will start with it automatically, but it can also be purchased from the Isolated Merchant in the north of the Caelid region. It will cost 4500 runes, so check our Elden Ring rune farm spots to get what you need quickly. This will last you well for a long time thanks to its physical damage negation, along with some decent magical resistance. 

The second set of armour will take a while to get to, but once you have it you will be set. The Briar Set has a great balance between its physical and magical defence properties, and also lets you do damage when rolling, which is useful for a build that will see you dodging around frequently. To get this armour set, you will need first defeat the Elemer of the Briar boss, who is located in The Shaded Castle. This can be found in a valley to the west of the Altus Plateau, before going into Mt. Gelmir. Once you've defeat Elemer, go back to the Roundtable Hold and speak to Enia to purchase the armour set. 

The talismans really tie the build together and boost your effectiveness with all the above gear. One of the best choices is the Winged Sword Insignia which can be found in the Stillwater Cave, located toward the south of the Liurnia region. This will raise the attack power of all your successive attacks, making your combos extremely powerful, which is great for the twinblade weapon type and the skill of Eleonora's Poleblade. 

Another top choice is the Elden Ring Legendary Talisman, Radagon's Soreseal. This can be found on a corpse in Fort Faroth, which is located in the east of Caelid. All of your physical stats will gain five levels, but you'll take 15% increased damage, so if you think you can avoid the damage, it's worth it. 

Another great choice when you have bleed weapons is the Lord of Blood's Exultation. This can be found in the Leyndell Catacombs below the capital city, and it increases your attack power by 20% whenever an enemy is inflicted with blood loss. Our last choice is Millicent's Prosthesis, which can be received from the end of the Millicent questline. This is similar to the Winged Sword Insignia, increasing the attack power of your successive attacks and boosting Dexterity by five. This also combines with the other talisman, making your combos ridiculous damage dealers. 

That's all for our breakdown of our Elden Ring Warrior build, and now you'll be able to create a DPS focused character that tears through the majority of enemies. 

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