All confirmed weapons in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree so far

All confirmed weapons in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree so far
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5th Jun 2024 13:49



  • There are 100+ new weapons to find and use in Shadow of the Erdtree
  • These include weapons in eight new categories that offer new styles to explore

With a wide selection of new content available in Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, it's only natural that we get a bunch of fresh weapons to try out too.

It's not just a case of numbers too, as the introduction of new weapons brings opportunities for unique movesets, stunning designs, and intriguing insights into the game's deep lore.

All new weapons confirmed so far

  • Milady
  • Dryleaf Arts
  • Backhand Blade
  • Smithscript Axe
  • Red Bear's Claw
  • Smithscript Dagger
  • Starry-Eyed Staff
  • Sacred Seal of the Finger
  • Great Katana

These are just the ones that I noted down and used during my preview session, but there were plenty more beyond this too from all eight new weapon categories.

Image of a character using a throwable spear in Shadow of the Erdtree
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The Backhand Blade was definitely my favourite of those that I'd tried, as its speed matched its damage to create a devastating and relentless flurry of attacks. Don't skip Milady or the Dryleaf Arts either, as both are also more than capable of taking down the DLC's toughest bosses.

What are the new weapon types?

  • Beast Claws
  • Great Katanas
  • Hand-to-hand Arts
  • Light Greatswords
  • Perfume Bottles
  • Reverse-hand Swords
  • Throwing Weapons
  • Thrusting Shields

Every single one of these categories features weapon styles not seen before in the base game, giving you new ways to play and movesets to master.

Image of an attack with the new perfume bottles weapon type in Shadow of the Erdtree
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You can easily match up some of the confirmed weapons with these types, like the Red Bear's Claw into the Beast Claws, or the Great Katana into the Great Katanas category. However, weapons like Milady - which is a Light Greatsword - or the Backhand Blade, which falls into the Reverse-hand Swords, aren't quite as clear.

How many new weapons will be in Shadow of the Erdtree?

It has been confirmed that at least 100 new weapons will be present within the DLC, which will certainly put a strain on the Smithing Stone market as I try to upgrade them all!

Of course, not all of these will have the calibre or interest that you might expect, with 'standard' weapons like 'Messmer Soldier Axe' likely included in the tally. However, there are still going to be plenty that you'll want to respec to try out, including all of the exciting boss weapons too.

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