Elden Ring Bird Farm: How To Farm 300,000 Runes An Hour

Elden Ring Bird Farm: How To Farm 300,000 Runes An Hour
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12th May 2022 14:59

If you're looking for Elden Ring rune farm spots and the famous Elden Ring bird farm location, you're in luck. In Elden Ring, the key to gaining power is earning runes by defeating enemies and bosses, which you can then transfer into new levels at sites of Lost Grace around the world. You'll need to do this to progress through the game, but it's possible to make things a lot easier by farming tonnes of runes in certain spots, netting you some quick level-ups. So, for a rundown of some Elden Ring rune farm methods, including the excellent bird farm spot, we've got you covered.

  • Check our Elden Ring map to see the locations of each map piece in the game.

Elden Ring Rune Farm: Gold Scarab Talisman

Elden Ring Rune Farm gold scarab
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While not necessary to the rune farming process, the Gold Scarab Talisman will improve your rune hauls as it provides a 20% boost to the amount you receive from all sources. This can be a hard item to get though, as it requires you to travel to Caelid (a very difficult region) and beat the two Cleanrot Knight bosses in the Abandoned Cave location. Its difficulty means you'll have to wait a little while for attempting it, but it will make the rune farming much quicker later on.

  • Don't worry about your levelling too much early on, as you can use Elden Ring Larval Tears to respec at the Raya Lucaria Academy. 

Elden Ring Rune Farm: Caelid Rune Farm

Elden Ring Rune Farm Greyoll's Dragonbarrow
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Our first rune farming spot is in Caelid, but you can do this from quite early in the game. Firstly, you'll want to venture to the Third Church of Marika in the Limgrave region, and head north-east through the water to find a portal in some bushes. Activating the portal will teleport you to Greyoll's Dragonbarrow in the north-east of Caelid. 

Activate the Lost Grace next to you, and then outside there will be a large boss at the bottom of some stairs. Avoid them and travel down the hill toward the large bridge and another site of Lost Grace. Now it's time for the rune farm, as between both of the Lost Graces you've just activated there are lots of small enemies that can be killed for between 600-1000 runes, depending on if you have the Gold Scarab.

These enemies can hit hard, but staying on your horse and swinging on them as you run past should ensure you kill them quickly and avoid dying yourself. There should be a dozen or so around the area that you can kill, and once they're dead, head back to the Lost Grace to reset them, and repeat the process. Over the course of an hour, this should net you hundreds of thousands of runes, letting you get a lot of levels earlier than usual. Remember that while you'll be more powerful stats-wise, you'll still want to upgrade any weapons you have to start taking on tougher enemies consistently.

Elden Ring Rune Farm: Liurnia Rune Farm

Elden Ring Rune Farm Liurnia
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The second rune farm spot is the easiest in the game and can be found early into the Liurnia region. After finishing Stormveil castle (or before if you take the hidden pass round the back) make your way up the road to the east and come to the Liurnia Highway North Lost Grace. In front of this area is a battlefield where a bunch of spirit soldiers and a giant are caught in eternal warfare. 

For this rune farm, you just need to walk forward to hit the trigger for them all to spawn, and then just stand back as they kill each other and net you a few thousand runes. You won't really be playing the game for this one, so you can do something in the background while intermittently coming back to regenerate the enemies. This also won't earn you as much as the other farming spots, but it's worth it if you can do something else while waiting.


Elden Ring Rune Farm: Moghwyn's Palace Bird Farm

Elden Ring Rune Farm Varre and Four Belfries
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The most bountiful rune farming location in the game is actually an end-game area, but it can be accessed a lot earlier by following the Varre questline to completion. This particular farming spot has been named the bird farm by the community due to the fact you will need to kill a specific crow over and over.

Firstly, speak to Varre when you first come into the open world, as he will be standing just in front of you. After this, you'll have to track him down at his new location in Liurnia, but first, you'll have to defeat Godrick at Stormveil and then speak to the finder reader at the Roundtable Hold. 

Once this is done, head toward the Rose Church to the south of Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia, and you'll find Varre again. Speak to him and select the dialogue option, "they didn't seem right." He'll hand over some Festering Bloody Fingers which you need to use to invade three players, and once this is done, head back, and he'll ask you to join his order. Say yes and receive the Lord of Blood's Favor item for the next step. 

The next step is to find a maiden to use your new item on. The easiest way to do this is by heading to a place called the Four Belfries in the west of Liurnia, where it's located on top of a hill. Just run up there on Torrent, avoiding the enemies along the way, and then activate the Lost Grace at the top. There will also be a chest at the top belfry with an Imbued Stonesword Key inside, and you'll need to use this to activate the teleporter of the second-highest belfry. Both Varre and the Four Belfries are marked on the map above.

This will take you to the area you began the game at, and give you a chance to get revenge on the Grafted Scion boss. Defeat them, head across the bridge, and then go up the stairs to get the maiden's blood from a nearby corpse. You can then head back to Varre at the Rose Church and receive a Pureblood Knight's Medal by talking to him a couple of times. This will allow you to teleport directly into Moghwyn's Palace.

Elden Ring Rune Farm Moghwyn's Palace
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From here, head up the stairs and activate the Lost Grace before turning around and jumping down. Summon Torrent and ride around the edge of the area, making sure to avoid any enemies completely. This will take you to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Lost Grace, which is where bird farm will take place. Look over the edge of the nearby cliff, and you'll see a large crow enemy. Shooting this with a ranged weapon will aggro the enemy, causing it to fall off a cliff as it tries to reach you, which nets you about 13,000 runes. Reset at the Lost Grace and then repeat to earn millions of runes per hour, making this the most valuable farming spot in the game. 

That's our breakdown of some Elden Ring rune farm spots, and now you should be able to successfully earn tonnes of runes and level up to make your time in the Lands Between a little easier. 

Another early game quest you can jump on while doing Varre, is the Elden Ring Blaidd quest, which lets you earn the Bloodhound Fang sword. 


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