Elden Ring Larval Tears: How To Respec Your Character

Elden Ring Larval Tears: How To Respec Your Character
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You'll probably have found some Elden Ring Larval Tears and wondered what to do with them, and they are massively useful as they provide a method to respect your character and reset your stats. Elden Ring is an RPG, so you'll spend a lot of time improving stats so you can use specific equipment or increase your effectiveness in combat. However, sometimes you may want a refresh so you can change your stats and build, so take a look at how to use and find Elden Ring Larval Tears. 

Elden Ring Larval Tears: How To Use Them

Elden Ring Larval Tears: how to use them
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As mentioned, Elden Ring Larval Tears are a resource used to respec your character and reset your stats. You have to make quite a bit of progress into the game in order to use them, so you’ll need to commit to any mistakes made for a while. In terms of progress, you need to get to Raya Lucaria and defeat the final boss of this legacy dungeon, Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon. Once this is done, you can go to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library and speak with Renalla herself.

She will give you an option for Rebirth, which as you can imagine is how you respec your character. This will consume one of your Larval Tears, and reset your attribute points. It is worth noting that this will not return your character to level zero. Whatever your starting level was, whatever your stats were at the very start of the game, that is what you will return to. Beyond that, you are free to allocate all of your points however you see fit.

  • Before you can respec your character, you need to defeat Rennala. For tips, check out Elden Ring Rennala Boss Fight: How To Beat Rennala, Queen Of The Full Moon.

Elden Ring Larval Tears: Where To Find Them

Elden Ring Larval Tears: where to find them
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Larval Tears do not have a regular means of appearing in Elden Ring. You are as likely to find one in the wild as you are to buy one from a merchant. Thankfully, they are not items you should need too many of, provided you do some proper planning. It only takes one to fully re-do your levelling choices, so a handful should be more than enough. Here are the ones we have found so far.

Elden Ring Larval Tears: Village of the Albinaurics

Elden Ring Larval Tears: village of the albinaurics
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This is probably the easiest one to get your hands on, provided you have made it to Liurnia. In the southwest of the region, under a mountain of suspended rock, is the mysterious Village of the Albinaurics.

This dark, dying place was seemingly once home to some magically inclined folks, now it lies in ruin. Entering the village can only really be done by approaching from the east. As you come up the hill to the village, you should see a purple item drop on your right. Grab it, and you have a Larval Tear.

Elden Ring Larval Tears: Agheel Lake South

Elden Ring Larval Tears: agheel lake south
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This Larval Tear is available earlier, but not without considerable effort. From the Agheel Lake South site of grace, head east up the hill. If you haven’t been here, this is in the southeast of Agheel Lake, the large lake just east of the starting location in Limgrave.

Go east from the site of grace and you should see a noble husk standing on the cliff. Kill the noble, and before you start feeling confident, beware the bear. Once killed, the noble turns into a giant bear and will attack immediately. The bear is no slouch, but kill it and you will be rewarded with a Larval Tear.

  • Great Runes are a powerful tool in Elden Ring, but they need Rune Arcs to work. To learn more, check out Elden Ring Rune Arcs: Where To Get Them And How To Use Them.

Elden Ring Larval Tears: Siofra River Well

Elden Ring Larval Tears: siofra river well
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This one is a hike to get to and better left until later in the game, but it is possible to run through the area safely by avoiding enemies. In the east of Limgrave, on the eastern side of the Mistwood, you will find a large structure. This is the Siofra River Well, and inside you will find an elevator that will take you to an underground area.

At the bottom, head northeast up several stairs and into another elevator. Pull the lever to bring it down, then ride the elevator to the next area. Head east from the elevator room until the area opens up and you see several large pillars. Then head north through the pillars until you see some scaffolding.

Climb the scaffolds, avoiding any enemies where possible. Jump down to the lower scaffold around the corner at the top, and go north across the bridge. Follow the cliff inside of some ruins, where you will find a merchant willing to sell you a Larval Tear for 3000 Runes.

That is everything you need to know to for gathering Larval Tears to respec your character in Elden Ring. For more on the game, why not check out Elden Ring Rune Arcs: Where To Get Them And How To Use Them.

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