Elden Ring Hero Build: How To Create A Barbarian Destroyer

Elden Ring Hero Build: How To Create A Barbarian Destroyer
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3rd Jan 2023 14:13

Take a look at our Elden Ring Hero build so you can learn how to take advantage of the class's starting strength and wield powerful two-handed weapons. Of all the classes in Elden Ring, the Hero is one of the best starting points for creating bruisers, powerhouses, and barbarians, letting you form a character that can easily get in the face of any enemy in the game. So, if you need a complete breakdown of how to create a strong Elden Ring Hero build, we've got you covered with all the stats and equipment you need. 

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Elden Ring Hero Build: Starting And Levelling

Elden Ring Hero Buildv levelling
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With the Hero class, you'll get a solid head start on your Strength skill which is essential for the types of weapons you'll be using. Your Vigor and Endurance also start fairly high, with Arcane next - although we won't be using the latter stat in our build. The Hero build also starts with a Battle Axe, which is a powerful weapon for the first few hours.

Our Elden Ring Hero build is designed around using large two-handed weapons like halberds or great axes, along with heavy armour to give you the most resistance possible against physical damage. You'll be able to gain a better weapon and armour set relatively quickly into the game.

The Hero class has a very easy path for levelling up, as you'll just need to focus on your Strength, Vigor, and Endurance as the main stats. This will ensure you'll have the equip load necessary for the heavy armour and weapons you use, along with enough health and stamina to ensure you can last while taking it to enemies up close. Faith is another decent choice to level up slightly, as some quality weapons require it. 

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Elden Ring Hero Build: Best Equipment 

Elden Ring Hero Build equipment
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For the weapons of our Hero build, there are two halberds that can be earned within your first dozen hours of play. The Dragon Halberd is a standard choice due to its high physical damage, reach, and ease of acquisition. You'll need to reach 22 Strength, and get to the Siofra River area, which is underneath Limgrave. It can be earned by killing the Dragonkin Soldier boss, and also has a strong skill called Spinning Slash. Despite how early this can be earned, it's a good enough weapon to last the majority of the game, especially once it's been upgraded.

Your other early choice of weapon is the Golden Halberd, which is earned from beating the Elden Ring Tree Sentinel boss which you'll come across just as you enter the open world. To begin with, you likely won't be able to beat this boss, so gain some levels first. You'll also need 30 Strength and 12 Faith before it can be equipped, so you may want to aim for getting Dragon Halberd first.

A later-game weapon choice that is powerful, is the Dragon Greatclaw. This is considered a colossal weapon and requires 30 Strength to wield. You can earn it for beating the Draconic Tree Sentinel at the Capital Outskirts. It also has lightning damage that makes it extra strong against enemy types that are weak to this status effect. 

There are several choice armour sets that will take you well through the game, but they'll have to wait until slightly later. For the beginning, the Banished Knight set is a strong choice of armour that can be easily farmed from Stormveil Castle, which is the first legacy dungeon you'll encounter. Search the castle for the Banished Knights themselves, and kill them until you get the full set. 

The better choices are mostly dependent on doing specific quests. The Bull Goat armour set requires you to follow the Patches quest until he moves to Volcano Manor, where you will be asked to kill a Great Horned Tragoth, rewarding you with the armour. Hoslow's Set can be earned by following the Volcano Manor quest, once you perform your last contract kill in the Mountaintops of the Giants. 

Your third choice is the Crucible Axe set, which is rewarded after defeating Crucible Knight Ordovis, who can be found at the end of the Auriza Hero's Grave. While many of these choices are great for this Hero build, the Bull Goat armour will give you the most protection, making it the best for the in-your-face playstyle of this class. 

There are a few choice talismans that will help to make your build even more powerful. We've focussed on the ones that improve your skills too, allowing you to throw more out and deal more damage, while not having to level up the Mind stat too much. The Carian Filigreed Crest is a relatively early talisman that can be purchased from Iji after finishing the Elden Ring Blaidd quest and talking to him outside the Caria Manor. This will reduce the FP cost of all skills, letting throw more damage out before needing a flask.

One of the best talismans to pair with this is the Shard of Alexander, which boosts the attack power of skills by a whopping 15%. It will take a while to get this though, as you need to finish the Iron Fist Alexander quest beforehand. If you’re struggling with your equipment load at the beginning, any version of the Arsenal charm will allow you to raise it. One of these can be earned by talking to Nepheli Loux in Stormveil and then meeting her at the Roundtable Hold.

If you decide to raise your Faith stat for this build to earn the Golden Halberd, using your Dragon Hearts for powerful damage spells, and learning some healing spells will give you an extra edge in many fights.

That's our breakdown of the best Elden Ring Hero build, and now you should be able to create a strong powerhouse that gets stuck into enemies. 

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