Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains: How To Get All Legendary Spirit Ashes

Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains: How To Get All Legendary Spirit Ashes
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Collecting the six Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains will net you an achievement and give you access to powerful spirits that will aid you during combat. Elden Ring can be a really tough experience, but it gives you more tools than any soulslike for making things easier. Part of this are the spirit ashes, which are AI companions you can summon in a fight. So, if you need to track down all Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains, we've got you covered. 

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Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains: Lhutel the Headless

Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains lhutel the headless
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For the first of our Spirit Ashes, we have Lhutel the Headless. They are an unmounted Mausoleum Knight with a great shield and lance, along with the ability to teleport around during combat. They can be found in the Tombsward Catacombs which are located in the Weeping Peninsula, south of main Limgrave. You'll need to defeat the dungeon's boss, the Cemetery Shade, and then you will gain the ashes.

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Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains: Black Knife Tiche

Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains black knife tiche
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The Elden Ring Black Knife Tiche is one of the best summons by far due to her mobility and quick dodging, on top of the high damage from her melee attacks and red flame projectile ability that deals damage over time. She can be tricky to get though, as you will need to finish most of the Elden Ring Ranni quest to get to the Moonlight Altar. This is a plateau located in the south-west of Liurnia, and once you get there, make your way to the north-west of the area to find the Ringleader's Evergaol. You will need to defeat the boss of this gaol called Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader, and afterwards, Black Knife Tiche will be yours. 

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Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains: Redmane Knight Ogha

Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains redmane knight ogha
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The next of the Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains is Redmane Knight Ogha. They wield a powerful bow, letting them deal high damage from range, but will get involved in melee combat if an enemy gets too close. Before you can get to this Spirit Ash, you will need to defeat the Elden Ring Radahn boss, which will unlock the giant beach on the east side of Caelid. Once done, make your way to the north of the beach while hugging the cliff to find the War Dead Catacombs. You will need to defeat the Putrid Tree Spirit boss here, and then Ogha is yours. 

Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains: Mimic Tear

Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains mimic tear
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The Mimic Tear was considered the best summon in the game prior to a patch that nerfed its damage heavily, but it's still very powerful as it is a complete copy of your character, gaining your equipment and stats. You will also need to defeat Radahn to get this, as it will unlock the route to the Eternal City of Nokstella. Once here, you want to find the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace which is on a grassy cliff overlooking the Night's Sacred Ground.

Drop down onto the ledge below, and follow the roofs until you are taken to the other side of the area. You will come near an altar where you can find a Black Knife Whetblade, and behind this is a doorway leading to an Imp Statue door. Use one Stonesword Key and go inside to grab the Mimic Tear Ashes from the chest.

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Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains: Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains ancient dragon knight kristoff
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The fifth Legendary Spirit Ash to track down is Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff. They have a great shield and a long spear, along with the ability to throw thunderbolts at enemies that deal high damage. To get these ashes, you will need to go to the Sainted Hero's Grave which is west Leyndell. Make your way through the dungeon and defeat the Ancient Hero of Zamor to receive the ashes at the end. 

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Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains: Cleanrot Knight Finlay

Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains cleanrot knight finlay
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The last ashes you will need for this achievement is called Cleanrot Knight Finlay. She comes with a sword and a staff, letting her do both physical and magical damage, and even has a powerful parry move that punishes enemies who are gung-ho with their attacks. These ashes are located in the optional Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree legacy dungeon.

Firstly, you will need to grab both pieces of the Elden Ring Haligtree Medallion so you can activate the Grand Lift of Rold to get to the Consecrated Snowfield. From here, go to the town in the north of the area and take the teleporter here. Make your way through, and you'll eventually come to the Prayer Room Site of Grace.

Once here, go out of the door and head down the stairs until you get to a wall with a torch on it and some white egg sacks. Look over the balcony to your right and jump onto the arch. You can then jump to a platform on your left, which should have a doorway on it. Inside here is a Cleanrot Knight protecting a chest, which contains Finlay's ashes. 

Those are all the locations for the Elden Ring Legendary Ashen Remains, and now you know how to get the most powerful Spirit Summons in the game. 

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