Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries And Incantations: Where To Find All Legendary Spells

Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries And Incantations: Where To Find All Legendary Spells
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To master magic in the Lands Between, you will need to find all seven Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries and Incantations, which also nets you a handy achievement. Elden Ring lets players learn a tonne of different spells, which range in their utility, damage, and overall usefulness. Using magic also makes for a unique playstyle that lets you destroy enemies and bosses alike, so check out the Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries and Incantations.

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Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries And Incantations: Flame Of The Fell God

Elden Ring Legendary Spells Flame of the Fell God
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For the first of the Legendary Spells, we have Flame of the Fell God. This can be gained quite early into the game, though you will have to wait a while before you have the stats to use it. To get it you will need to travel to the Malefactor's Evergaol in Liurnia, and defeat the boss, Adan, Thief of Fire. This is located in the south of the region, and the best way to reach it is by starting at the Lirunia Lake Shore Site of Grace. If you hug the cliff wall on your left, you'll come to a Spirit Spring to jump up toward the Evergaol. 

Using the spell requires 41 Faith, and upon use, it will summon a raging fireball which explodes and sets the area ablaze. 

Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries And Incantations: Greyoll's Roar

Elden Ring Legendary Spells greyoll's roar
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The second of the Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries and Incantations is Greyoll's Roar, which is a Dragon Incantation that you can earn in Caelid. This is a two-parter as you will first need to defeat a dragon named Greyoll, and then unlock her ability at the Cathedral of the Dragon Communion. Greyoll can be found in the north of Caelid, just outside of Fort Faroth, and she is hard to miss as the largest dragon in the game. The Cathedral can be found in the south and is situated on a hill overlooking Redmane Castle. To unlock the spell you will need to place three Dragon Hearts on the altar in the centre.

To use Greyoll's Roar, you will need 28 Faith and 17 Arcane, and using it will cause a dragon head to form above you that roars, causing all nearby enemies to have their attacks debuffed. 

  • While you're in Caelid, take advantage of some of our Elden Ring rune farm spots so you can quickly get the stats you need to wield these spells. 

Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries And Incantations: Elden Stars

Elden Ring Legendary Spells elden stars
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Our third spell is called Elden Stars and is located in the Deeproot Depths, which is the underground region below Leyndell. You will have to enter this area from a specific location to best get the spell. Firstly, follow the Elden Ring Ranni quest until you can get to Nokstella. You will then want to defeat the Valiant Gargoyle bosses to unlock the coffin shortcut to the Deeproot Depths. Once here, go to the nearby Site of Grace and jump to the large branch, following it to the right above the chasm. You will be able to drop to a lower branch and climb into a cave, where the spell will be on a dead body at the very end. 

It requires 50 Faith to learn, and after casting, will cause a tonne of golden stars to land in the surrounding area.

Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries And Incantations: Founding Rain Of Stars

Elden Ring Legendary Spells founding rain of stars
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Founding Rain of the Stars is the next spell required, and it's located in Heretical Rise in the Mountaintops of the Giants. If you arrive at the tower entrance, you won't be able to enter, and will instead need to travel across the ravine to the north, just past the Frozen Lake. From here you can see the remnants of a bridge leading to the tower, but you can travel across it as there is an invisible magic bridge leading toward the tower's balcony. A good tip is to look out for the player messages that are floating, as this will display where the invisible bridge is. Once you get inside, fight the Avionette soldiers and take the elevator to the top where you can grab the spell from a chest. 

It needs 52 Intelligence to use, and after casting, a downpour of star rain will surround the area for a while. 

Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries And Incantations: Ranni's Dark Moon

Elden Ring Legendary Spells ranni's dark moon
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For this spell, you will once again need to do a bunch of the Ranni questline, as you need to essentially complete it to gain access to the Moonlight Alter in the south of Liurnia. Once you are there, make your way to the south-west of the area to find Chelona's Rise. Interacting with the Imp Statue at the front will tell you to "seek three great wise beasts," and these can be found across the plateau. The first is west of the tower, hanging on the cliff face. The second one is located in the south-east of the plateau, and if you hug the cliff edge and look down you will be able to see the beast on a lower ledge. The last beast is just south-east of the Ringleader's Evergoal, which is in the north-west of the plateau. You will see an isolated Spirit Spring and by using it to jump up you, you will see the beast flying in the sky. After all three are destroyed, head back to the tower and find the spell in the chest at the top.

Ranni's Dark Moon requires a whopping 68 Intelligence to use, but casting it will cause you to launch a giant moon at foes which causes frost damage.

  • If you're in the Mt. Gelmir region, make sure you travel to Volcano Manor to start the Elden Ring Rykard boss.

Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries And Incantations: Comet Azur

Elden Ring Legendary Spells comet azur
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Comet Azur has become a favourite of the community already and is a powerful sorcery found in Mt. Gelmir. The best way to obtain it is by starting at the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace, which is just to the north-west of the Grand Lift of Dectus. From there, go up the nearby steep incline to the north which will take you to the Wyndham Ruins. Go past them and into the valley at the base of the mountain, and follow it all the way round past to Forth Laiedd. Keep travelling to the right of the fort, and you'll start looping around the mountain again, eventually getting to the Hermit's Shack and then the Hermit Village further ahead. There will be a boss to defeat here and afterwards jump onto the large stone that provides a bridge over the valley you just came from. After getting onto the stone, on your left should be a character called Primeval Sorcer Azur and a Site of Grace. Speak to him to get the Comet Azur spell. 

You will need 60 Intelligence to use the Comet Azur, and when you cast it, you'll shoot out a comet ahead with a long trail that acts as a beam if you hold the attack button.

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Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries And Incantations: Stars Of Ruin

Elden Ring Legendary Spells stars of ruin
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The last of the Legendary Spells is the Stars of Ruin, which you can earn during the Sorceress Sellen questline. Firstly, you will need to find her at the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave, where you can speak to her after defeating the Mad Pumpkin Head belowground. Agree to be her student and start the quest, and then keep speaking to her until she asks you to find Primeval Sorcerer Azur. This was the guy from the Comet Azur spell above, so once you have found that, return to her. She will then ask you to seek out Master Lusat. He can be found in a cave called the Sellia Hideaway in Caelid. 

You'll want to start at the Church of the Plague which is on the road past the town of Sellia. From here, travel north to the graveyard area and past the largest gravestone will be an illusory wall. Attack it and go into the cave. Once inside, follow it until you come to a large chamber where there is a big hole in the floor. Carry on walking round the edges and jumping over the holes until you get to a statue of Marika. From here, turn around and walk across the large crystal before jumping down into the hole. You'll have to fight some enemies, but you should see a magical barrier that can be broken with the item that Sellen gave you. Go inside and you can speak to Lusat who will give you the Stars of Ruin spell.

This requires 43 Intelligence to use, and when you cast it, twelve shooting stars will pursue any enemies around you. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to find all the Elden Ring Legendary Sorceries and Incantations, and now you know how to get the most powerful spells in the game. 

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