How to set a Pawn quest in Dragon's Dogma 2

How to set a Pawn quest in Dragon's Dogma 2
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25th Mar 2024 10:44

The Pawn system is back in Dragon’s Dogma 2. These helpful, interdimensional allies will aid your Arisen in battle and during exploration.

They’re more advanced than ever before, and now, as well as sending them back to their true Arisen with a gift, you can even assign and complete special Pawn quests to earn extra rewards in the game.

What are Pawn quests?

Each time you go to The Rift and hire a Pawn, it will have a Pawn quest. At the start of the game, the default quest is just spending a full day and night with them in exchange for a Wakestone Shard. This encourages you to spend more time with your hired Pawns so they get more experience and become better for the original Arisen. 

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As you progress and get higher-level Pawns, you’ll notice some different quests appearing. One I found required me to gift the Pawn a specific item in exchange for some gold.

How to set Pawn quests in Dragon's Dogma 2

To set a Pawn quest, go into The Rift via any Grand Riftstone. Once there, interact with the Riftstone and the option to set a Pawn quest will appear.

Simply cycle through the various options for rewards and requests. You can ask for specific items or to have your Pawn fight deadly foes. Once you’re happy with your choice, confirm, and send your Pawn into The Rift.

Image of the menu in the Riftstone
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Be warned, whatever rewards you choose for other players will be taken from your inventory. So, don’t go offering 20,000 gold for something unless you’re ready to have your pockets emptied.

The default quest for Pawns is honestly quite a good one, so don’t worry if you can’t figure out what to set. Wakestone Shards are a useful item that don’t actually get deducted from you, so it’s a free quest, and the experience your Pawn will gain from spending time doing random quests and fighting enemies will help you a lot.

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Now you know how you can set a Pawn quest, check out the best vocation for you and your Pawn, or check out our Dragon's Dogma 2 homepage for guides on the best Thief build and how to get Salubrious Draught.

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