Best Magick Archer build in Dragon's Dogma 2, including skills & weapons

Best Magick Archer build in Dragon's Dogma 2, including skills & weapons
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Perfecting your Magick Archer build is the best way to tackle many of Dragon's Dogma 2's scariest foes, as its skills and weapons give you the safety of archery alongside the sheer power of sorcery.

This Vocation wasn't quite on my radar heading into the game, but I quickly realised both how strong and fundamentally how fun it is to use - especially in the endgame and New Game Plus. I was easily able to melt through some of the biggest beasts without even being hit, and it was this particular build that facilitated it all.

Best Magick Archer build

Section Skills
Weapon Skills Sagittate Avalanche / Arctic Bolt / Boltchain Stake / Recovery Arrow
Core Skills Climactic Arrow / Scopic Sight / Trackers Sight / Protracting Arrow
Augments Ascendancy / Subtlety (Thief) / Gratification (Thief) / Vitality (Warrior) / Opulence (Mystic Spearhand) / Conveyance (Mystic Spearhand)
Weapon Blackwing Bow
Rings Ring of Acclamation / Ring of Profusion

Image of the Magick Archer Vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Unlike the best Thief build, the Weapon Skills on offer here largely work independently of each other. Sagittate Avalanche is perhaps the single strongest ability I've used in the game if you manage to hit every shot - as it's capable of wiping one or even two full boss health bars if struck on a weak spot.

Arctic Bolt is another personal favourite of mine as, if charged properly, it almost always sends a boss into a dizzying state which not only gives you time and space but also gives the potential for even more damage.

Boltchain Stake is another fantastic Weapon Skill and is perfect for dealing with both hordes of lesser enemies and big bosses alike. It, unlike most other attacks, deals consistent damage over a period of time - ticking away at a big health bar or passively taking down a group of Goblins. It does take a little while to get used to, but it's lethal when used correctly.

Finally, Recovery Arrow really rounds off this build, giving you one of the strongest support skills in the game - especially in its upgraded form. This not only heals party members from range but also can quickly revive any downed Pawns from a safe position, and with greater speed too. While you might not use this all the time, you'll be so glad that you've got it equipped whenever the opportunity arises.

Best Weapon Skills

  • Frostseeker Bolt (upgraded to Frosthunter Bolt)
  • Ricochet Seeker (upgraded to Ricochet Hunter)
  • Flamefang Arrow (upgraded to Blazefang Arrow)
  • Hailstone Bolt (upgraded to Arctic Bolt)
  • Sparkchain Stake (upgraded to Boltchain Stake)
  • Sagittate Downpour (upgraded to Sagittate Avalanche)
  • Remedy Arrow (upgraded to Recovery Arrow)

Image of the Magick Archer's Weapon Skills in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Alongside the Weapon Skills I selected for the best overall build, there are a number of fantastic choices that you could easily swap out. Out of those Ricochet Hunter is perhaps my favourite, and I did tend to switch Arctic Bolt away if I found myself in a cave or any interior area. The sheer amount of chaos produced by this Skill can win you any fight - just don't expect to know what's going on at any one time!

Blazefang Arrow is a particularly unique skill to add to your arsenal, as it lets you directly control the flight path of your arrow to hit any weak spots with massive damage. It can also be super handy when dealing with enemy groups, as it deals splash damage alongside a direct hit.

Best weapons

  • Blackwing Bow
  • Dragon's Breath

Image of the Blackwing Bow weapon in Dragon's Dogma 2
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The Blackwing Bow is the best weapon for the Magick Archer that I've come across in my playthrough, and I was able to purchase it from the weapons dealer in Vernworth at the start of New Game Plus. It could be available earlier than this - perhaps on the Agamen Volcanic Island, but I was unable to check myself.

It deals an extraordinary amount of Magick damage, which is perfect for the Skills that you'll be using -  but do make sure to enhance it using Elven smithing methods to make things even stronger on the Magick side.

Alternatively, you could opt for Dragon's Breath, which is a little bit weaker but is cheaper as a consequence. I'd say that this bow looks cooler too if that makes a difference (it definitely does!), and its description notes that it's infused with the 'magick of a dragon's own breath', so perhaps it will give you the edge in any fights with the ever-dangerous Drakes.

How good is the Magick Archer Vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2?

Image of the Magick Archer Vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2
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The Magick Archer is, in my opinion, the best Vocation that you can pick in the game - giving you high damage output across a wide variety of sources, and all from the safety of a distanced position which means you can avoid a lot of pain.

Furthermore, the bow's ability to lock on to specific body parts makes targeting specific weaknesses a breeze. This is obviously fantastic when going up against something like a Golem or Cyclops, but even against Drakes and Griffins you can deal some serious damage without having to get anywhere close or attempt to climb their bodies.

It might not be for everyone as I'm aware that many crave the thrill and chaos of CQC, but this Vocation is undoubtedly powerful and is definitely one to pick up if you want to make the game as easy as possible without losing any of the fun.

You can head over to our homepage for Dragon's Dogma 2 for more tips and tricks as you play, including all the Sphynx riddle answers, everything you need to know about Dragonsplague, and the best Archer build too if Magick isn't quite your thing.

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