How to raid the Ghost Train & loot the safe for the Heart in Warzone & DMZ

How to raid the Ghost Train & loot the safe for the Heart in Warzone & DMZ
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One of the more challenging tasks of Operation Nightmare in Warzone and DMZ is to raid the Ghost Train and loot the safe for the Heart. This spooky entity does not like visitors, so if you hope to board the Ghost Train in Warzone or DMZ, you better know what you're getting into. This primer details where to find the Ghost Train, as well as how to raid the Ghost Train and loot the safe for the Heart in the game's limited-time Halloween event.

Where is the Ghost Train in Warzone & DMZ?

The Ghost Train in Warzone and DMZ
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Before you can raid the Ghost Train, you need to find it first. The Ghost Train is one of the anomalous entities that you can run into on Al Mazrah as part of Operation Nightmare. The Ghost Train, in particular, runs along the railway tracks that span the perimeter of Al Mazrah.

The Ghost Train is constantly moving, so you'll never find it sitting still in the same spot. However, you can track the Ghost Train using the in-game Tac-Map. The symbol for the Ghost Train is a cab car with a skull fastened to the front of it.

You can discover the Ghost Train in Warzone or DMZ, but only during The Haunting.

How to raid the Ghost Train in Warzone & DMZ

The inside of the Ghost Train
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Since the Ghost Train speeds around Al Mazrah nonstop, you will have trouble catching it on foot. The best way to raid the Ghost Train is to parachute down and land on it, chase it with a vehicle and board it, or set up ahead of its charted course and jump on it when it passes by

Your encounter with the Ghost Train will vary depending on if you're playing Warzone or DMZ. In DMZ, the Ghost Train is littered with booby traps like Tripwires, Claymores, Proximity Mines, Sentry Turrets, and Decoy Grenades. Navigating the Ghost Train in DMZ is tricky because something is trying to kill you in every freight car.

While you won't have to worry about all the Tripwires and Proximity Mines on the Ghost Train in Warzone, you will need to contend with other players. Only one player can loot the safe for the Heart, so the Ghost Train is almost always a contested hot spot. With up to 150 players in a match of Warzone as opposed to the max of 66 in DMZ, it might be worth it to deal with the booby traps!

How to loot the safe for the Heart in Warzone & DMZ

The safe and the Heart inside the Ghost Train
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The Ghost Train is filled to the brim with loot, but the safe and the Heart are positioned in the cab car at the front of the Ghost Train. Navigate through the various obstacles in each freight car until you come across a safe situated in front of an altar of Lilith, the Daughter of Hatred from Diablo. Now, interact with the safe and the altar to loot the safe and the Heart.

Once you loot the safe and grab the Heart, you're free to exit the Ghost Train via the portal that appears. However, if you scavenge the Ghost Train thoroughly, you can find Heat-Resistant Keys that you can use to open the fiery caches in the cab car. Aside from the Cash inside the safe and the Heart, there's a ton of loot on the Ghost Train!

That's everything you need to know to raid the Ghost Train and loot the safe for the Heart in Warzone and DMZ. Raid the Ghost Train and steal the Heart of the Train in Operation Nightmare to get the Ghost Train Calling Card and progress toward unlocking the Bloody Mess Weapon Blueprint for the BAS-P!

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