Deep Rock Galactic Player Count

Deep Rock Galactic Player Count
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Dave McAdam


12th Jan 2023 13:22

Curious about the Deep Rock Galactic player count? A multiplayer game like Deep Rock Galactic which has massively grown in popularity is bound to have some interesting player numbers. The player count is reaching new heights, and we have the figures to show it. Here is everything you could want to know about the Deep Rock Galactic player count.

Deep Rock Galactic: 2022 Player Count

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In its 2022 year in review, Ghost Ship Games revealed a bunch of interesting details about Deep Rock Galactic. One of the most interesting details was the number of players the game saw over the course of the year.

The average number of concurrent users, meaning the average number of people playing the game at any one time, was 11,544 for 2022. The peak number of concurrent players was 46,688 players mining and shooting alien bugs at one time.

The average number of users playing per day for 2022 was 113,700, up from around 75,000 in 2021. The average number of players per month was 827,890, a staggering number of people coming together in the name of mining resources.

Deep Rock Galactic: Other Interesting Info

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Beyond the impressive player numbers, there were more interesting tidbits about the game over the last year. The most important numbers for the developers are the 97% positive rating the game has in Steam reviews, and the 5.5 million units sold across all platforms. Across the board, in sales, player count and more, the game is growing year after year.

There are also some more fun pieces of information in the 2022 review. For example, the top five causes of death are listed, with a whopping 52 million deaths due to fall damage. Most deaths are caused by enemies, but the third-highest cause of player deaths is friendly fire, with over 20 million players taken out by their teammates. They really should rename that term, friendly fire is very misleading.

Restoring some faith in humanity, of the 278 million player deaths in 2022, there were 226 million revives. It is reassuring to know that if you play Deep Rock Galactic with friends, you have more than an 80% chance of being revived if you go down.

Another interesting fact is that there were almost 4 million people in 2022 killed by the supply drop pod. That is a lesson many need to learn, and hopefully, those 4 million people learned it for this year. Doesn't seem too likely though.

That is it for our breakdown of the Deep Rock Galactic player count and other interesting facts from 2022. For more on the game, check out our Deep Rock Galactic crossplay guide.

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