Best Solo Class In Dark And Darker

Best Solo Class In Dark And Darker
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Dave McAdam


16th Feb 2023 10:56

Finding the best Dark and Darker solo class is important for solo players. Dark and Darker is the definition of a dungeon crawler, tasking players with struggling their way through floors of monsters and other players. The best solo class depends on your playstyle, but we have recommendations that will help. Here are our picks for the best solo class in Dark and Darker.

Best Dark And Darker Solo Class: Best PvE Class

Dark and Darker Best Solo Class: The Fighter
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If your focus is fighting monsters and collecting loot the old-fashioned way, then our recommendation is the Fighter class. The Fighter is pretty basic, a classic sword-and-board class. It is the best starter class, the best solo class for PvE, and likely the best solo class overall.

When you are playing solo, keeping yourself alive and healthy is extremely important. Without teammates to back you up, you need to be able to defend yourself. As such, playing as the Fighter means you have a shield to keep yourself alive with.

Further, the Fighter is an all-rounder who can use any equipment. You do not have access to spells but you can cover most of your bases on your own. Most other classes have more specific roles, making them better when part of a team. A Fighter can fit in anywhere, making them an excellent choice for playing solo.

Best Dark And Darker Solo Class: Best PvP Class

Dark and Darker Best Solo Class: The Rogue
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This is a trickier question to answer. Arguably, the best PvP solo class is whatever style of play appeals to you most. However, if we are talking purely about a class that does well in PvP while playing solo, we recommended the Rogue.

The Rogue is a classic RPG class, and it does what you expect it to in Dark and Darker. Rogues are fast, quiet and deadly. You absolutely do not want to engage people in a front-facing fight as a Rogue, instead, your focus should be on stealth. Rogues can turn invisible, creep past enemies, and stab them in the back for massive damage.

If you want to be a bruiser then by all means, go ahead, but you are going to take some lumps. If you are playing solo and want to be successful in PvP, the stealthy Rogue is the way to go.

That is it for our Dark and Darker solo class guide. For more on the game, such as how long you have until the beta ends, check out the Dark and Darker demo end time.

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