Tired Of Competitive? Try Out These New Workshop Maps

Tired Of Competitive? Try Out These New Workshop Maps

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Owen Turner


7th Nov 2020 18:30

While the competitive game mode is the heart of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), a lot of people become bored with the playstyle. This could be due to toxic teammates, a lack of callouts, and all-around having a bad experience. The best thing to do in this situation is to test out some workshop maps, and have fun trying new game modes, arenas, and skins. Workshop maps are perfect for having a good time with friends or just practising your aiming skills. From hide and seek to 1v1s, players should take advantage of community creations.


Starting off with a neon inspired map is Aim_AllPistols_2077 by YarFunnyStar, a small YouTuber with a passion for CS:GO concepts. AllPistols offers a close-quarter arena with a head glitch on every corner. It’s ideal for desert eagles and the USP-S, both which are great for headshots and jiggle peeking. The soothing map design is enjoyable at night with its orange and pink skylight casting over the all-black base. With an array of gaps, players can practice their strafe jumps along with a couple of bhops. YarFunnyStar is originally known for his haunted house mods but has switched to specialising in 1v1 maps.    

Inspired by a neighbourhood in Mumbai, India is a map called Gokuldham by Aero, an up and coming game designer from India who has expressed his roots through CS:GO. Gokuldham is a great map for exploring and gives the feeling of playing within a real-life setting. Key objects include cars, crates, and large structures. Essentially it’s a great map to bhop on and study your movement. With its bright sky and colourful designs, Gokuldham is the perfect pick me up map. Invite some friends or play against bots, one way or the other you’ll have a good time. The scenery alone should attract any player to download this map.

Anyone who likes a good 1v1 needs to download fy_poolparty_tropic by Manifest. The underground pool styled map even has a high dive ladder with a huge pool below. Angles to tap from are unlimited, offering fair play for both users. The best weapon option for this map is the AWP due to its long-range field of play. Tropic is great for fast-paced wingman games and offers a great entrance system - players can dip in and out of the spotlight or lurk into enemy territory. This map is like playing CS:GO in a millionaire’s backyard. It’s lots of fun, and the pool feature was a smart addition.     

Those who enjoy wingman or party games should try out Ravine. The nighttime winter styled map offers chilling gameplay between friends. Designers jd40, Quoting, and Quadratic have mentioned that this map is meant to create a spooky experience across sixteen players. CS:GO is mostly known for its maps being made in broad daylight, and Ravine breaks that barrier by producing a spine-tingling enterprise. Ever felt shaky during a clutch situation? Well, if not, then Ravine will change that. The downfall of snow reduces player vision making wingman more enjoyable than it already is. Send out some messages, contact a few players, and get a lobby started for a night of fun on Ravine.

CS:GO Workshop Maps
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Fans of the original cobblestone have to download ttt_kaer_morhen_1. Designed by ZelezoBeton, the map was created for a medieval experience, a time to turn back the clocks and play in a castle surrounded by greenery. Anyone who has mastered the art of camping would dominate on this map. Morhen is active across all game modes but is perfect for wingman and flying scoutsman. This map was designed with a variety of different rooms to explore, including the stable and library. Morhen is very big compared to other wingman maps, so be prepared to check every single angle - if not, you might cost you and your teammate the round.

Lastly but very high on the list of recommended maps is cs_trickortreat. Just like Ravine, this map has a hair-raising setting. Designed by NIPPER, trickortreat was inspired by an abandoned neighbourhood on Halloween night. With accessible suburban homes, this map is perfect for hide and seek. Gather a group of friends and attempt to stay hidden - if not, you’ll be faced with some serious consequences. Besides the streetlights, trickortreat is completely pitch black, which makes the map even cooler. Players can hide under decks or even in the murky water located in the ponds. Expect to have a good time and be prepared for jump scares from enemy players.
All of these maps offer a little bit of something for everyone. Solo players can practice their aim or bhops while groups of friends can enjoy party modes. CS:GO might be seen as a basic game that doesn’t change too often, but that’s why Steam offers the workshop. It’s a platform where veteran players and independent designers can come together, practice, and most importantly - have fun. 

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