Is Gunfight In MW2 Multiplayer?

Is Gunfight In MW2 Multiplayer?
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Daniel Hollis


29th Oct 2022 12:59

While the 2019 version of Modern Warfare was essentially a reboot, it managed to introduce an array of new modes and mechanics which fans came to love. Not only that, but it spawned the introduction of the immensely popular Warzone, and that is still managing to hold its own until this day. 

One of the best modes introduced was Gunfight, which saw two teams of two competing against one another in constrained maps. Many are hoping this fan-favourite mode is returning to Modern Warfare 2, and if you’re one of the many wondering if that’s the case, we have everything you need to know.


Is Gunfight In MW2?

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Gunfight became immensely popular when it was first introduced, and with such a well-received mode, you’d expect to see its return in Modern Warfare 2. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case at the time of writing, as Gunfight is currently not included in Modern Warfare 2

The game currently has a small selection of modes, offering a few new objective-based to check out. As for Gunfight, Infinity Ward has not confirmed any plans for it to be added, however, there are multiple updates in the pipeline which could see its introduction in the coming months.


As with Black Ops Cold War, the mode Gunfight was not included at launch, however, it wasn’t long before it returned. Players saw its revival during Season One, where Gunfight was added for multiplayer users. It could very well be the case that Infinity Ward will add it further down the line, but want players to experience their larger scale and selection of normal-sized maps before tightening the battlefield.

The contents of MW2’s first season are mostly under wraps still, but with it approaching on November 16, we’re sure we’ll hear more details soon enough. Until then, you’ll have to experience the many other modes on offer and hope for Gunfight’s return.


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