Best Rapp H Loadout MW2: Class Setup, Attachments And Perks

Best Rapp H Loadout MW2: Class Setup, Attachments And Perks
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Jack Marsh


9th Nov 2022 17:53

A cousin to the Lachmann family, dinner time round at Rapp H's house is always pretty fast-firing and there's always plenty of food left over. This LMG is full to the brim with bullets to fill the bellies of enemies, yet it's quite an eventful experience getting used to how it works. The Rapp H follows the Lachmann tree but fires faster than the rest of its likeminded variants, even the MP5. So, how do we hone in on the fire rate and make it accurate in Modern Warfare 2? Here's your best Rapp H MW2 Loadout, attachments, and perks.

Best MW2 Rapp H Loadout: Attachments

I'd class Rapp H as more of a big-mag assault rifle, to be honest. It's similar in nature to the Lachmann ARs in terms of speed and design, but a bulky 75-round ammo crate slows you down significantly. That just means we need attachments to get it back up to place though, and all the while, we need some more range and recoil stability.

Starting off, the Bore-490 is not what it says on the tin. It's not a drowsy attachment, and is a great choice for your Rapph H loadout, given that it helps generously with both horizontal and vertical recoil. The Tiger Grip and TCG-10 Rear Grip will also keep this gun down the straight and narrow - without these, it will likely go rogue. A Mobile stock is where you find your speed, and then it's all about finding which length of the barrel you will find most optimal to improve your specific playstyle; the Romeo 16" is quite the match made in heaven.

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  • Barrel - Romeo FT 16" Barrel
  • Muzzle - Bore-490
  • Underbarrel - FTAC Tiger Grip 
  • Rear Grip - Lachmann TCG-10
  • Stock - Bruen STB 556 

Best MW2 Rapp H Loadout: Perks And Equipment

I'll confess, I know you're only here to help unlock more attachments for your Lachmann Sub or another member of the family, or even use the Rapp H loadout to collect the Orion Mastery Camo, but that doesn't mean we can't inject a bit of fun into the gun. You're going to find quite a lot of success by having quick rotations into solid power positions, which makes your perk combination of Double Time, Focus, and Ghost quite imperative. For your last perk in the first section, Bomb Squad is a valiant option, giving you protection from well-placed grenades.

You'll also want a pistol to move around with, and one that's quite solid to use if needed. A stun and semtex will also help get enemies out of any lanes where you need to go, and Dead Silence will help you rotate around your enemies silently.

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  • Secondary - Side Impact
  • Tactical - Stun
  • Lethal - Frag
  • Perk 1 - Double Time & Bomb Squad
  • Perk 2 - Focus
  • Perk 3 - Ghost
  • Field Upgrade - Dead Silence

With this best Rapp H loadout, you're going to find it quite easy to grind through your camo challenges, and you might even prefer it to those dismal ARs in the same family.

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