Best MW2 Guns To Use Right Now

Best MW2 Guns To Use Right Now
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Jack Marsh


28th Oct 2022 16:51

What's the point in playing Modern Warfare 2 if you're behind on the meta? Already, you'll be wanting the best MW2 guns to take over your games, and with quite a confusing gunsmith to rack your head around, it's okay to ask for a helping hand. With that, here are the best Modern Warfare 2 guns.


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Once again, the M4 rules the Assault Rifle category and is probably the overall best MW2 gun. Even if you've not purchased the Vault Edition, where all of the M4 attachments are unlocked, you'll still be able to make a fearsome assault rifle which is brilliant from spitting distance to cross-map gunfights. 

Lachmann Sub

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It is a pain in the backside to unlock, but when you have, the Lachmann Sub is worth the wait. Also known as the MP5, the Lachmann Sub requires you to jump through hoops to get your hands on it, yet it conquers the SMG slots. As the best MW2 gun for short-distance, the MP5 will feel natural to players who used it on both MW 2019 and Warzone 2. With great hip-fire accuracy, perfectly balanced speed, appeasing iron sights, and a deadly fire or bullets, the Lachmann sub is one of the best MW2 guns.


Lockwood MK2

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Move over Kar98k, the old reliable rifle is back. The Lockwood MK2, a version of the Carbine, is the best MW2 bet for sniping, and players who have reached level 21 in the beta are being rewarded with an incredibly fluid sniping experience. Albeit the Lockwood MK2 is prone to a hitmaker, its speed and accuracy will have you feeling like Aang the waterbender, it is that fluid.

FSS Hurricane

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With the submachine gun role changing significantly thanks to the Modern Warfare 2 movement changes and rapid TTK, the FSS Hurricane has been identified as one of the best MW2 guns. It's not the conventional SMG, yet the Hurricane is extremely accurate, speedy, and has a huge clip. It's like a baby M4 moulded as an SMG and it's become a favourite with the CDL pros.

Kastov 47u

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The Kastov 74u is one of the best MW2 guns. The 74u does slot into the weird 'flex' role, which only suits certain players. It's not quite as fast as the Lachmann Sub or as range-efficient as the M4, but if you like an all-rounder, the Kastov 74u is for you.

There are other viable guns, and maybe something like the FTAC Recon is unfortunate to miss out, but if you really want to be a demon on Modern Warfare 2, you need one of the best MW2 guns.

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