Can you get more repair kits in Armored Core 6?

Can you get more repair kits in Armored Core 6?
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25th Aug 2023 00:00

Many players will be wondering if there's a way to get more repair kits in Armored Core 6, as you can quickly run out, leaving you to investigate how to increase your healing for those big battles.

While it is not explicitly a Soulslike game, Armored Core 6 features some of the hallmarks that we typically see in FromSoftware titles, and restricted healing that regenerates upon death is one of them. However, you have been able to improve the amount of healing that you can carry in other Soulsborne games, which leaves many to question whether the same can be done in the new mecha game.

We've got all of the answers you'll need below, so make sure to continue reading to find out if you can get more repair kits or increase your healing in Armored Core 6.

Is there a way to get more repair kits in Armored Core 6?

Unfortunately, you are unable to get more repair kits in Armored Core 6, and you will remain at the maximum of three for the entirety of the game.

This remains a key part of the game's challenge, as you circumvent this lack of healing by becoming more attuned to your own AC's movement and the attack patterns of the enemies. This is even more true with some of the later bosses, where fights can get really lengthy so you have to astutely manage your health to avoid running out too fast.

However, your repair kits are immediately refilled upon reloading a checkpoint, and you can do this an infinite number of times if you are stuck in a certain area. You can also find supply drones throughout certain levels which fully restore your repair kits and ammo - which is very helpful if you've not died in a long time.

How to improve healing

While you are unable to increase the number of repair kits your AC holds, you can improve the effectiveness of each one by upgrading the OS Tuning 'Repair Kits - Optimization' module.

Image showing you the OS expansion to improve healing in Armored Core 6
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This has four different stages, with the first giving you a +500 AP boost, and the last update improving your healing by an extra 2,000 AP. Here are the four increments that you can use to upgrade your healing in Armored Core 6, and how many OS Chips each stage will cost:

Repair Kit Improvement OS Chips Cost
+500 3
+1,000 5
+1,500 7
+2,000 10

This can really make the difference in a difficult fight - especially if your AC doesn't have a lot of health to begin with. Adding an extra 2,000 AP to a single repair kit could almost negate the need for an extra use in fact, meaning that you should potentially have to heal less in the long run.

So, that should be everything you need to know if you are wondering if you can get more healing in Armored Core 6. While the answer might be disappointing to some, at least you know that you're not missing out now, and can go back to learning that tough boss' movement.

Don't miss all of the other guides on our Armored Core 6 homepage too, as there's bound to be something you can find to help you out.

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