Are Dark Souls Servers Back Up?

Are Dark Souls Servers Back Up?
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Tarran Stockton


9th Nov 2022 12:52

You may be wondering if the Dark Souls servers are back up yet, as early in 2022 the online functionality for the entire Souls trilogy on PC was shut down due to some security issues with the servers. Dark Souls games are mostly single-player, but they are well known for their transient multiplayer functionality, which allows you to summon other players during certain sections, take part in PvP, and write silly messages to troll people. Despite the limited nature of Dark Souls multiplayer, it's a key part of the experience for many people, and the games aren't the same without it. So read on to see if the Dark Souls servers are back up for PC.

Are Dark Souls One Servers Back Up?

The game that kicked off this legendary trilogy finally has online functionality again, but it's only available for the Remastered version of the game. Based on a comment from the official Dark Souls Twitter, we'll never be able to play Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition online again.

After bringing the second game's servers online, the account also stated, "we have determined we will not be able to support online services for the PC version of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition that was released in 2012, due to an ageing system." This is terrible news for fans of the series, and the first Dark Souls in particular. 

Are Dark Souls Two Servers Back Up?

The Dark Souls 2 servers are finally back online as of October 25, however this is only the case for the Scholar of the First Sin version. The standard Dark Souls 2 edition still has no online functionality, but FromSoftware have confirmed the servers will be made available at a later date. 

Are Dark Souls Three Servers Back Up?

The Dark Souls 3 servers are up and running as of August 25, when FromSoftware announced their reactivation on Twitter. It took over 200 days for them to finally come back online, but now players on PC can experience the final game with the multiplayer functionality it deserves. The Tweet where they announced this also confirmed that they are working on bringing the other games back online, so we'll make sure to update this guide once the other games have restored online functionality. 

That's all for our primer on the Dark Souls servers, and now you know that all of the Dark Souls games have online functionality again. 

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