Xbox Insider Confirms New Halo Game

Xbox Insider Confirms New Halo Game
Images via 343 Industries

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Joseph Kime


2nd May 2022 11:47

Halo Infinite made one hell of a stamp on the franchise at launch. The reveal of the multiplayer beta going live at that very moment last year was massive, and the debut of the game's campaign was a delightful return to form for Halo after a string of duds.

Master Chief was well and truly back, and so was the multiplayer game that defined the arrival of online gaming for many. But it looks like it might not end there.

343 Industries Reportedly Working On New Halo Game

According to an Xbox insider, it looks like a new Halo game could already have entered development at 343 Industries. Jez Corden, a popular leaker, just appeared on the Xbox Two podcast and hinted that there's more for 343 right now than just Halo Infinite.

"I'm pretty sure 343 is working on another Halo project that isn't Halo Infinite," he said. "I'm fairly sure. Not 100 percent. And then there's also the Minecraft spin-offs that we've heard about that haven't materialised yet. Not sure what those are."

He doesn't seem all that sure himself, but Corden has been known as a reputable source, so we'll just have to wait on what comes from the team to know for sure. Given the gap between mainline Halo games, we doubt it's the inevitable Infinite sequel that will presumably land in about another five to seven years. Remember, Halo 5 was followed by Halo Wars 2, Halo Wars: Definitive EditionHalo Recruit, and Halo: Fireteam Raven. 


What's Next For Halo Infinite?

Though this news might throw the future of Halo Infinite into uncertainty, there's still plenty on the way for the game. Rumours of a battle royale mode coming to the game have been swirling since reveal, and it's only now that we're starting to see hints of it truly on the horizon.

It was Corden himself who revealed that the upcoming mode wouldn't be a "traditional" BR, and it would stand as a PvPvE experience - but we'll just have to see if it can make the rumours of a pre-2023 launch a reality. Halo Infinite still has a lot to give, and if devs are already jumping to what comes next, then the game has clearly made a good impression. Bring it on.


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