Even after 14 years of YouTube, people are still saying PewDiePie incorrectly.

21:30, 29 Oct 2020

Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg is the host of the second-largest YouTube channel ever made, boasting a humongous 107 million subscribers, and currently sits at north of 26 billion views on all of his videos combined. 

The Swedish 31-year-old has climbed his way up to the top of YouTube in his 14-year streaming and vlogging career, and continues to rake in millions of viewers in each of his videos. 

Felix, who originally funded his early YouTube career through selling his photoshop art and juggling two jobs as a harbour captain and a hot dog server, is now estimated to be worth between $30-50 million, although even with this level of status, most people still pronounce his name wrong.

The name PewDiePie was formed in 2010 after Felix apparently forgot his password to his original account "PewDie". His maiden channel was named after the physical onomatopoeic sound of shooting a gun in a video game. Often streaming shooting games in his early years alongside party games and horrors, Felix chose "Pew" after the sound of a bullet leaving a weapon, and "Die" because of the end result. 

It wasn't until he was forced to make a second channel that he added "Pie" on the end, simply because "He f*****g loves pie", and it was also a funny quirk that the streamer would pronounce after killing a foe on a game. 


The three syllables should be pronounced "Pew-Die-Pie", although his Swedish accent has often made it sound like "Pew-Dee-Pie", which has been adopted and normalised by many of his viewers.

Even his Wikipedia page states that the former pronunciation is correct. We all know about wiki reliability though.

Felix himself has often confessed that "Die" should be properly pronounced, although millions still continue to get it wrong.


The Swede now tends to release videos on the new crazes of games, such as Among Us, and has recently hired out a whole cinema screen to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate.



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Image via PewDiePie

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