TikTok eater Beavo used to own a Call of Duty esports team

TikTok eater Beavo used to own a Call of Duty esports team
TikTok: Beavo | LyZo Esports

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Jack Marsh


20th Dec 2023 16:34

For weeks, one face continues to crop up on every form of social media possible, as this shorts-video guy named Brandon "Beavo" Beavis keeps swallowing food whole.

It's a bizarre trend, but the kid is on every For You algorithm on the planet right now, necking carrots off his Sunday dinner plate like it's no big deal.

But Beavo's social presence hasn't always been about swallowing aubergines, but rather a Call of Duty esports team owner.

Beavo used to own a Call of Duty esports team

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Having gone viral over the last two weeks, the world has been crawling through Beavo's content with a fine toothcomb, and it appears the TikTok sensation used to be massive into CoD esports.

Operating under his surname of Beavis back then, rather than the ironic nickname he's sporting now, he actually owned a Call of Duty esports organisation named LyZo Esports and competed at global events.

The British influencer took his team into the Call of Duty World League too, as they qualified for the Open Tournament at CWL London 2019, where Beavo appeared on social media showing off the team's penthouse suite where they were being housed and trained.

Was Beavo's Call of Duty team good?


As far as records go, LyZo Esports can only be spotted at one in-person event with Beavis on record, although the team did have an active YouTube account for content and a GameBattles profile for small UK-based online tournaments.

At CWL London, their only main event, LyZo Esports competed in the amateur tournament stages, grinding through the pool play stages with 80 teams in attendance. 

However, they only managed a top-32 finish and missed out on the prize pool by two rounds. They did boast one player of notice though, in Guy "Bran" Branley, who continued competing up until Cold War, teaming with Dylan "MadCat" Daly in Challengers. 

As for Beavo though, it's not a surprise he stopped CoD esports for a career in food swallowing, as he now makes tens of thousands of pounds per month on TikTok.

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