Warzone's Season 1 Nuke skin has been revealed & players love it

Warzone's Season 1 Nuke skin has been revealed & players love it
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Alex Garton


7th Dec 2023 13:55

There's no denying that the skins available in the Modern Warfare 3 & Warzone stores always look incredible, especially the collaborations.

In Season 1, these are only going to be taken to the next level with Mastercraft Weapons and Ultra Skins being introduced.

Despite this, it's the cosmetics that you can't buy and have to earn that truly hold prestige in the CoD community. For MW3 Zombies, that's the Bone Collector that takes hours of grinding.

However, for Warzone, it's definitely the Nuke skin that gets added with each season for those who can complete the challenge. Well, Season 1 is no different, and there's a fresh Nuke skin that's coming soon.

Warzone fans love "fire" Season 1 Nuke skin

Taking to Twitter on December 6, Warzone devs Raven Software shared the first look at the brand-new Nuke skin coming in Season 1.

Unlike previous designs that have been labelled as gimmicky, this one features a silver skull mask with glaring orange eyes that match the Nuke aesthetic perfectly. If that wasn't enough, the Operator's body has a fiery glow and they even have a canister backpack filled with a mystery substance.

While most skins receive mixed feedback, this one is getting overwhelming praise from the entire Warzone community. "So so fire, crushing it guys," said one user, with another claiming, "Yall keep giving me skins for my theme and my wallet is getting thinner."

How to get Nuke skin in Warzone Season 1

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Raven Software has noted the Nuke skin is "coming soon," so keep your eyes peeled for its release. However, the process of obtaining the cosmetic remains the same as the previous entries.

Win five games in a row, and on your sixth, you'll receive the Champions Quest. You'll need to assemble the Nuke by searching for elements across the map that will all come with a debuff whenever you collect them.

Once all elements are obtained, you'll be assigned a bomb site where you will have to trigger the Nuke. Then it's just a case of defending it from any pesky enemies, and the prestigious Nuke skin will finally be yours.

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