Modern Warfare 3 is adding Mastercraft weapons & Ultra skins

Modern Warfare 3 is adding Mastercraft weapons & Ultra skins
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Alex Garton


6th Dec 2023 17:30

The XRK Stalker, new multiplayer maps, fresh killstreaks, and Warzone's Urzikstan are all coming in Modern Warfare 3 Season 1. Sledgehammer and Raven Software are looking to knock it out of the park with this patch, and they're not slouching on the customisation front either.

Instead of the typical array of bundles and unique collaborations the community has grown accustomed to, Season 1 is aiming to take skins to the next level with a new cosmetic tier.

On December 6, Mastercraft Weapons and Ultra Skins will be added to MW3 and Warzone, appealing to those who are desperate to stand out on the battlefield.

Ultra skins are coming in Modern Warfare 3 Season 1

Santa skin Call of Duty
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In Call of Duty's recent history, the flashy cosmetics have been the ones that typically sell the best, even if they do come with a touch of backlash when they're announced.

While the cats and humanoid rats may have been a step too far for some, Activision has recognised players are looking for skins that stand out.

Well, that's where the new Ultra Skins come into play in Season 1, offering "an impressive reactive or special element" compared to a standard cosmetic - according to the blog.

This will likely mean better effects or interactions that put it on a higher level when it comes to detail compared to other Operator skins. While we're in the dark about prices at the moment, expect these to cost more CoD points than your typical bundle.

Sledgehammer is introducing Mastercraft Weapons to MW3

Sniper skin MW3
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Finally, Mastercraft Weapons are also arriving in Season 1, with the devs telling players to "expect changes to the style and shape of the weapon compared to its base version, along with enhanced visual effects and possibly a unique weapon inspect."

A custom inspect animation could be very interesting, especially for those who enjoy creating highlight reel clips. The designers could get very creative with this, and while wacky animations may upset Mil-Sim fans, Activision has already made it clear that the strict military days for CoD are long gone.

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