Warzone players are falling through the map at Train Station and instantly dying.

16:14, 27 Apr 2021

When it comes to adding new features into Warzone Season 3, many fans wished for a Gulag vamp up, some shiny new points of interests (POIs), and a 1980's hippy disco theme that would have players wanting to pull across the Boogie Bomb from Fortnite

What players didn't quite have in mind was a range of game-breaking glitches, yet this is what we've been blessed with. The first broken glitch came in the form of an underground passageway to limbo that had players getting emancipated from another portal, and it's the underworld that is proving a problem once again. 

It appears that following the nuke to Verdansk and the inevitable travel back in time to 1984, the alternate dimensions holes and craters have been whisked across on the landscaping project, as somehow players keep escaping the map and dropping below the surface. This time, the glitch is accidental and is a one-way ticket from Train Station to the Gulag.

Reddit user "ryzen115" found himself plummeting from the roof of Train Station, and deploying his parachute within the bricks of the building, only to glide to a pending death with half an hour poured down the drain. With six kills on the board in a duos game with just 19 other squads left, the game was chalked and Hades had claimed yet another victim.

Reddit commenters also found themselves in the same sticky situation, with one reading "Yep, same happens to me last Friday. Be careful with that place on Train [Station]", whilst another added "Ya… my squadmate died there yesterday."


Other commenters jibed by saying "You should’ve cut the video before you died so people that want to cheat would find out that this isn’t the spot to go to the hard way" which would have been a just reward for the pesky exploiters. Unfortunately for ryzen115 though, there was no way back from this glitch in comparison to the other underground glitch used by cheaters.

With hope, Activision will send out the Verdansk council to fill in these holes sooner rather than later.



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Image via Activision

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