After the Gulag was switched again in Verdansk '84, players are calling for the original.

11:02, 27 Apr 2021

Gulag - noun:

A system of labour camps maintained in the Soviet Union from 1930 to 1955

When you think of a labour camp typical of the 1950s, a cardboard cut out of a tank and a family home doesn't spring to mind.

Despite Treyarch's attempts to add their own personal spin on Warzone with the renditions of Nuketown and now Standoff, the 1v1 deathmatch is constantly being called into question. The Verdansk '84 version of Standoff, which contains more nooks and crannies than Harry Potter's under the stairs bedroom, has yet to win fans over, continuing the downwards spiral of Gulag quality.

The slither of Standoff added to the underground prison is an attempt from the developers to ramp up some hype ahead of the remastered Black Ops 2 classic landing in Cold War, such as the way Activision kicked off the new season with a free multiplayer experience. However, despite the mix-up, players have now kicked up a fuss and have called for the original Gulag showers to return.


Taking to Reddit, many players have reminisced over the original Gulag, calling for the Standoff version to be scrapped.

Comments of support flooded in on the thread. One redditor claimed: "It’s not even a gulag anymore it’s just a multiplayer map 1v1. Make it a GULAG again if you’re going to call it a gulag."

Another comment said: "The best thing about it was that it was symmetrical, no matter which side you spawned on it was the same. The new one and the one before it have been s***, not symmetrical, and there's a better side to be on which gives one person an advantage. Original gulag was fair."


Further criticism came in the way of the new weapons, which contain a roster-full of broken Tactical Rifles that have at one time been a plague to the meta. The DMR and Type 63 are just some of the weapons currently in rotation, unfortunately boasting some unsightly optics.

With the addition of party playlist Sticks and Stones being added to Black Ops Cold War in Season 3, some fans have also suggested bringing back One in Chamber to spice up life in the Gulag. Adding just one bullet to a pistol in the chance for redemption would certainly add more of a methodical approach to getting back to your Warzone squad.


Either way, the large majority want the original Gulag back.


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Image via Activision

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