Call of Duty: Wazone players are warned to watch out for helicopters, as invisible building are causing vehicles to crash in Season 3.

12:42, 27 Apr 2021

You might want to think twice next time to try to "get to the choppa", with a new glitch apparently running rife in the latest Call of Duty season. It's all change over in the battle royale behemoth that is Warzone, with players right on the money that the original map would be blown sky-high before the final credits rolled on Season 2. Raven Software wasted no time in introducing Verdansk '84 and giving us a blast from the past that ties into the last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

While the OG Verdansk has a special place in our hearts, it was only a matter of time before developers were going to overhaul the game and move to the next chapter. The action is once again taking to the skies, with helicopters making a welcome return alongside Season 3. The problem is, a potential glitch of "invisible" buildings might be one-hitting helicopters and causing players to bow out in a fiery inferno. 


What are invisible buildings in Warzone?

Posting on Reddit, u/0Giant0 shared footage from Plunder on Verdansk '84 and claimed there are invisible hitboxes on some of the buildings. While happily touring the skies above the match, the OP's helicopter was quickly downed in a mechanical massacre - there were no survivors. In case you thought it might've been a rival downing the helicopter, there's a brief moment you see the blades hit something invisible in the sky.

Disgruntled players shared 0Giant0's frustration at yet another broken part of the Warzone experience. One wrote, "This is why I do not get in helicopters... I do not trust the map enough", while another grumbled, "Yep there is another one over the salt mine area and one above Summit...". Worryingly, someone else suggested invisible hitboxes are a more widespread issue. A third player added, "I had this yesterday with a car. It got stuck on a curb and i couldnt move forward.. Died in the gas because of it. Next to the car dealer on promenade". It definitely sounds that Verdansk '84 isn't quite as ready out of the box as Raven would have us believe.



Is Activision aware of invisible buildings in Warzone?

Of course, all these claims are unsubstantiated. At the time of writing, no one official has commented on the idea of invisible buildings downing helicopters. If it is a problem let's hope the devs manage to fix things quickly. Ironically, the whole idea of Verdansk '84 permanently replacing the first map was so that it could be built from the ground up and remove any glitches. Speaking to PC Gamer, Amos Hodge, Raven Associate Creative Director, explained, "This is a good chance for us to go in there and update all the glitch locations as well as make quality of life improvements". 

It seems that helicopters just can't get a break in Warzone. Last season, attack helicopters were pulled due to a glitch that was turning players invisible. There are also complaints that helicopters are an overpowered addition to Warzone. Even though there are some that think it's not a "true" kill if you use a helicopter, don't expect Warzone to permanently axe this popular mode of transport. For now, we'll keep our eyes on the skies and see if any more pilots are lost to a potential invisible building glitch. 



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