Warzone fans want to steal CS:GO mechanics for their own

Warzone fans want to steal CS:GO mechanics for their own
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Jack Marsh


4th Sep 2023 00:54

Warzone might be some time ahead of other FPS games in terms of dynamism and movement, but that doesn't mean other slower and more tactile games aren't equally as good, if not better.

One of these games that rivals the market is Counter-Strike, and amid the sequel to Global Offensive, dubbed CS2, the beige and brown classic title is getting a well-needed refresh, including some impressive new features.

Now, Warzone fans want to steal some of these new Counter-Strike mechanics, asking the developers to plunder the dynamic smoke system being launched in CS2.

Warzone fans want devs to steal Counter-Strike 2's dynamic smoke grenades




Warzone's smoke grenades have become pretty useful, especially in high-tier games on Ranked or crazy end-games in your normal servers.

The cloaking puffs of air are often used to block off lines of sight to help with rotations, or simply used as cover to escape enemy fire.

However, the new CS2 smoke system allows for dynamic reactions, where the air will react to bullets and grenades, leaving holes in the cloud where there has been recent gunfire.

With that, Warzone fans have now asked for this same feature to be added to the Call of Duty battle royale, which would allow teams to better use their utility, and plan their attacks on enemy teams with more precision.

Warzone players hope for more dynamism with better servers

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With the thread picking up pace on Reddit, fans have now hailed the idea, if only Warzone can handle it.

"This is from Counter-Strike 2, I wish WZ had this level of detail," said one fan.

Another added, "This is way better. Smoke would be all inside the doors."

But the main issue would be the servers, which might not be able to handle such frequent tick changes, and many likeminded comments to "With their 10hz servers? Keep dreaming," were left on the Reddit thread. 

Smokes have long been an issue in this era of Call of Duty, with the same clouds not always featuring on your screen, the enemies, and the killcam, which can result in some untimely deaths.

Maybe a refresh is exactly what the mechanic needs in Warzone, if the servers are ready...

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