Classic Warzone LTM is returning in Season 5 Reloaded

Classic Warzone LTM is returning in Season 5 Reloaded
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Alex Garton


29th Aug 2023 14:12

While the typical Battle Royale format will always be the most popular game mode in Warzone 2, there's always room for an exciting LTM.

Limited-time modes have always been a staple in Warzone going back to the Verdansk era, and Season 5 Reloaded is bringing a taste of the good old days.

Vehicular combat lovers are going to be over the moon, as the OG Armoured Royale from the original Call of Duty: Warzone is coming back.

On top of that, the devs have made some changes to the LTM to make it even better this time, and there's guaranteed to be plenty of chaotic fun.

Armoured Royale is back in Warzone 2 Season 5 Reloaded

Vehicle Warzone 2
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The Season 5 Reloaded Call of Duty blog has revealed that a "new version" of Armoured Royale will be returning to Warzone 2.

For those who aren't aware, the LTM involves squads of four players being allocated a "powerful MRAP vehicle" that they can drive around the map.

It's key to keep this vehicle in good shape because as long as the MRAP vehicle is alive, players can continue to redeploy.

Remember, you can also upgrade your "MRAP for better offensive or defensive capabilities via an Upgrade Station." However, Gas Stations around the map are going to be popular hotspots, so only approach if you're ready for a fight.

What weapons are best in Warzone 2's Armoured Royale?

Warzone 2 ltm
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Of course, you can use any weapon you like in Armoured Royale but there are some options that perform better than others.

The aim of LTM is to destroy opponents' MRAPs, so LMGs and launchers will be your best bet as they deal significant vehicle damage.

Guns the RAAL MG, RAPP H, RPK, and RPG are all top-tier if you want to truly take the fight to your enemies and wipe their vehicles off the map.

However, it's worth noting that the primary goal of an LTM is to enjoy yourself, so make sure to run a loadout that suits your playstyle first and foremost.

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