A Conjuring Crossover could be coming for Warzone's Halloween event

A Conjuring Crossover could be coming for Warzone's Halloween event
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Joseph Kime


29th Aug 2023 10:43

Call of Duty's crossover reach is getting somewhere, finally.

As Warzone's free-to-play status gave way to the opportunity for the series to go bonkers with cosmetics, they've taken it in their stride, especially with their Halloween events. We may be at the stage of the game where Lara Croft and Nicki Minaj make sense in their in-game arrival, the case wasn't always true, and the team had to go with outfits that made slightly more sense, like Jigsaw and Leatherface.

And now, it looks like the spooky skins are about to make a pretty eerie comeback.

The Conjuring's Nun Valak could be coming to Call of Duty

A new leak from MWIIIIntel on Twitter has revealed that a new crossover is coming to Warzone as part of the annual Halloween update that brings a couple of branded skins, and it's a pretty timely one.

The leak has revealed that Valak, the fan-favourite spook from the Conjuring series and star of her own spinoff series The Nun, could be coming to Warzone and Modern Warfare this spooky season.

The leak also suggests that this claim is backed up by the fact that the composer for The Nun 2 is credited as a composer of Modern Warfare II, writing for "the event's music."

It's certainly a fascinating claim, and one that makes sense, given that The Nun 2 will be released in cinemas soon.

What else can we expect from Warzone's upcoming Halloween event?

The same leaker has indicated that the upcoming event for Halloween will be a big one, suggesting that this year's subtitle will be The Haunting of Al Mazrah, reflecting 2020's Haunting of Verdansk, the fan-favourite event.

It looks like there's a chance that the event won't be limited purely to a skin bundle drop, and the game will be all the better for it. We'll take any kind of spooky content, but if the game is going as big as its title implies, then we could be in for a real treat.

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