Warzone Devs Completely Nerf Fan Favourite Attachment

Warzone Devs Completely Nerf Fan Favourite Attachment
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Jack Marsh


23rd Nov 2022 14:20

We're only a week into Warzone 2 and the developers are up to their usual tricks once again. Just days after the battle royale sequel came out, Raven Software has rolled out their first patch notes, and fans have noticed a huge nerf to one of the most-used attachments so far.

Amid all of the crazy gunsmith options, players have begun to find a settled meta, and with the addition of a new Ammunition setting, custom loadouts have been especially invaluable.

At the heart of most custom loadouts, and even non-custom thanks to a buy station field upgrade, has been the Armor Piercing ammunition rounds. The FMJ-esque bullets have been lethal for any guns and with Warzone's shield plates being classed as armour, they've been especially useful in dealing damage in the battle royale.

Raven Software Nerf Warzone 2 Armour Piercing Rounds

With a need for the patch notes to arrive and fix many, many, Warzone 2 glitches and bugs, Raven Software opened their account with a controversial nerfing of the Armor Piercing Ammunition.

The ammo choice will now only deal additional piercing damage to armoured vehicles, as Raven has confirmed that the multiplier against armoured opponents (Warzone operators with armour plates applied) has been removed.

It comes as another controversial fix as Raven Software recently removed the Most Wanted Contracts amid an XP glitch, which was perceived as unnecessary given the number of bugs that needed attention.

Fans Angry That Armour Piercing Ammunition No Longer Pierces Armour

The Armour Piercing Rounds can be bought at Buy Stations in Warzone 2, meaning that players could collect their gun with five attachments and add another through the additional field upgrade. However, the attachment is now rendered useless, and priced at $4,000 fans are now massively bemused.

"That's dumb," claimed one person on Reddit. "If someone wants to use an attachment slot on AP ammo they should get more than a niche benefit from it". Another fan argued that it should still help against AI, but it appears Stronghold bots and DMZ opponents will also not be affected by this ammo type anymore. 

Instead, fans are calling for it to be changed to FMJ or "Vehicle Piercing Rounds" and that the buy station rounds should revert to the classic Stopping Power mag.

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