Warzone 2 Devs 'Aware' Of Most Wanted Contract XP Glitch

Warzone 2 Devs 'Aware' Of Most Wanted Contract XP Glitch
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Jack Marsh


22nd Nov 2022 15:44

With the Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 gunsmith causing quite a stir with gun levelling and attachment unlock system, players have been looking for any opportunity to take advantage of XP boosts.

To stay relevant in the meta, Call of Duty fans started finding ways to increase XP on their favourite weapons. With Warzone 2 specifically resulting in agonisingly slow progression, XP glitches became increasingly popular.

However, Warzone 2 developers have now become aware of one of the most heavily-used exploits, and have removed the chance of utilising the Most Wanted infinite XP glitch completely.

Warzone 2 Devs Remove Most Wanted Contract

The Most Wanted infinite XP glitch became hugely popular on Warzone 2 in its opening five days, with players finding that completing the challenges would help limit the gruelling grind to level up guns.

Completing a Most Wanted contract in Warzone 2 would give players XP, however, if you opened up a loot crate simultaneously, you would double your weapon XP and fly through the levels with ease. 

Piling these contracts up with the glitch would only increase the bonus XP you would get. Now though, the developers have quickly noticed players using this exploit and removed Most Wanted contracts entirely.

Players Fuming At Most Wanted Contract Removal

Warzone 2 players have noticed that cash is king in the sequel battle royale, with limited money on offer. Yet, with the Most Wanted contract available, you wouldn't always have to splash out $4k a piece.

With the in-game challenge being one of the more miscellaneous glitches in Warzone, gamers are now fuming that the developers have chosen to fix this issue above others.

"Always quick to fix the issues that give us too much XP, but we still have bugged perks, laggy lobbies, and constant crashes," said one fan on Twitter. "They care more about XP method than broken things," added another.

The issue is being added to the Trello board that is growing ever bigger by the day, although fans would surely like to see the lag spikes be patched first.

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